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Bang Bang, Dick Cheney Shot Me Down

Posted by Daniel on February 14, 2006

“Bang Bang, Dick Cheney Shot Me Down”
by Harry Whittington
(as told to Revel)

We were going out for quail
Homegrown fowl we would assail
Dick was told to “shoot the bird”
What happened next was quite absurd

Bang Bang
He shot me down
Bang Bang
I hit the ground
Bang Bang
His aides came round
Bang Bang
Dick Cheney shot me down.

Mrs Armstrong called the press
And hours later what a mess!
Scotty at the microphone
The press howled “Did he act alone???”

“Bang Bang
Dick shot him down
Bang Bang
No birds were found
Bang Bang
My head sure pounds
Bang Bang
Yes, Cheney shot him down!”

Now I’m hooked to life support
Awake or coma, each report
Paints a sadder tale to tell
But I would tell you, SURE AS HELL

Bang Bang
Dick shot me down
Bang Bang
VP Ass Clown
Bang Bang
He’s goin down
Bang Bang
That asshole shot me down!!!


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