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Another Ode to Cheney

Posted by Daniel on February 16, 2006

This one posted on DailyKos by PBen, who received it via email, and thinks it’s by Marcus Bales….well who ever penned it, it’s a gem!

Higgledy piggledy
Richard B Cheney
While hunting for quail
On the old Armstrong place
In a moment of carelessness
Blasted another guest
Right in the face.

“Ambulance! Ambulance!”
Richard B Cheney
Repeated as somebody
Bled where he sat.
Prey to Republican
Was he a terrorist
Or just Democrat?

Luckily Luckily
Richard B Cheney’s
Security detail
Has medics on staff
And, since the guy is
An Ultraconservative
All that he’ll say is
“It hurts when I laugh.”

Remington Remington
Richard B Cheney
Has shot a Republican
Very fat cat;
Cheney is sorry
But self-justifyingly
Thinks “I’d have missed
If he wasn’t so fat.”

Wriggely wriggely
Richard B Cheney:
“Executive privilege!”
Scotus: “Concur!”
After all, Hamilton
Died when shot down
By Vice President Burr.

Coverup Coverup
Richard B Cheney
For 24 hours
Would not say a word,
And none of the media
Tell us the real facts:
Did Dick get the bird?


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