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Getting a face-lift…for this blog…

Posted by Daniel on March 9, 2006

Is it possible to hold a mirror up to my blogs’ face and think…”hmmm, this could use a pull, that could be tweeked here and there…”? This morning I got up and, of course, pulled up the blog to check on traffic and figure out what the hell I would write about today.It suddenly occurred to me that I need more room here. It’s getting “older”, been missing exercise, looks to be retaining the pizza and twinkies (that I’ve been eating)…it isn’t pretty. Might as well face it, this blog simply cannot – nor will it ever again, alas – fit into that pair of Sergio Valente jeans.

It’s time to get a third column.

Now, being the obsessive compulsive that I am, this type of decision isn’t made lightly. I do have a tendancy to shudder at the mere thought of change, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Not to mention all the cautious thinking that happens…when I change the template, will I lose my posts? What if everything doesn’t fit? Will people still recognize me – I mean ‘it’?

This is going to require patience…not to mention plenty of Valium.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing a change in the layout of this blog very soon. Here’s hoping you’ll like what you see. Just promise that you won’t stare!!


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