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More Tech Problems With Blogger

Posted by Daniel on March 19, 2006

Another Sunday, and another weekend trudging through the quagmire of Blogger woes.For the second week in a row, Blogger (the host site for this and many other blogs) has fallen prey to hackers, spammers and other low life assholes who are just so bored with their meaningless lives sitting in front of their computers day in and day out thinking up new ways to make everyone’s life miserable. And what better way to screw everyone than to clog a web host server with spam blogs, just to see what will happen. It’s pathetic.

It never fails, introduce a new internet tool for the masses, and someone wonders, “Gee, I wonder what fun thing I can do today. Hey! I’ll try to shut down some servers!! That will be so awesome!! I’m so cool, I might even put my pants on today.” To that I say, “Die Spammers…Die!!!” Or at least get off the fucking computer, pop those zits, take a long-overdue shower, and go out and TRY to get laid!! Leave the rest of us alone.

Anyway, (said stepping down from my soapbox) until Blogger finds a way to keep these piece-of-shit nerds out of their servers, I think it’s time to explore other web-hosting services. This is going to suck, because that means losing all of my previous posts – unless someone out there knows how to transfer over to another site with all content intact – and I’ve finally gotten the hang of HTML.

I’ll still be here (until the little fuckers manage to shut the whole thing down for good), trying to post, but don’t be suprised if you see a new link posted in this column that leads to a new home for these twisted rants.

Stay tuned, gang.


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