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Beginnings’ End – Part Two – Diane

Posted by Daniel on April 15, 2006

“You’re not listening to me, Paolo. No, I can’t meet you for lunch. Listen, I can’t stay in this relationship knowing you’re never going to get serious about a career. Or for that matter a real job of any kind. Wrong, Paolo, being a MIME who does his so-called act in Spanish does not constitute a ‘career’! It’s just annoying on more levels than the usual. Goodbye, Paolo.”

Diane hung up the pay phone with a bit more zeal than she had intended. But hey, she thought, at least he’ll stop asking me to stay with him just to be his stupid assistant. “Have you ever heard of a Mime, who does his act in Spanish who needs an assistant?”, Diane asked of her friend across the counter of her favorite deli. “Maybe he needs someone to be there at his side to apply the bandages.” The counter girl offers. “How many rocks does he get hit with each day?”

“Good point”, Diane says over her shoulder as she heads out the door.

She thinks to herself that it’s too bad she didn’t bring her CD player along, today’s a perfect day for a mid-winter walk. She walks towards the intersection that leads her towards Central Park.

There seems to be a lot more people gathering here than usual at this time of morning. “God”, she mutters under her breath, “please forgive what I do to the first asshole who grabs or pinches my ass.” There’s always one or two of them around here. The same guys…probably homeless…definitely creepy. They seem to have made this intersection their perverted little hunting ground. “And I forgot my Mace, again”, she said.

She reaches the crosswalk and decides to stand a bit outside of the oddly huddled group gathering there. She can’t help but notice the absence of the pinching pervs, but at the same time, sees a guy looking at her shyly. He’s eyeing her but not ogling her. He’s even checking out her shoes. “He’s cute, but obviously gay”, she says to herself. She gives him a polite and “understanding’ smile, finger’s her hair and turns to face the light that is taking way too long to turn. She thought he looked like he was freezing. Poor guy. He’s probably very sweet and sensitive and maybe sick.

When she was looking forward, again, Paolo and his ‘job’ offer flashed back into her head and she quietly chuckled to herself. “Cute but stupid”, she mused.

At that instant, she became paralyzed from head to toe. She felt a brief stabbing pain in her chest and then nothing. As she looked forward, she sensed someone next to her, holding her. “Oh great”, she thought, “I’m having a heart attack or something and NOW those perverts want to play!” She tried to look around but she was frozen in place and from what she could see, some asshole must be parked on the street in front of her burning oil because she began to see a swirling bluish-black smoke dancing around her.

The weird thing was that she wasn’t afraid. Somehow she knew she was dying and the smoke whipping around her…well…turned into a nice-looking guy with strange eyes, and yet she was unafraid and felt completely at ease. “Why?”, she thought. “And why did I aerobicize religiously every day just for this?”

“Be at peace.”, the smoky man whispered softly to her. “It’s your time to begin.”

“I don’t understand.”, she said. “What’s happening and who are you?”

“We don’t have much time. I’ll explain everything to you on the way, but we have to leave now.” With that, he places his free hand behind her head and she felt herself step out of her body. “I have much to show you.”, he informed her.

Without knowing why, she walked along with the mystery man. She thought she heard a man behind her yelling about a woman and help and 911. Then her focus shifted forward. But at that moment, her companion stopped, turned his head to look back and gave a wave of his hand. His hold on her waist became momentarily weakened. Then the faint voice behind her went silent and her companion’s hold on her became, again, firm yet comforting.

“Where are we going?”, she asked.

Her traveling companion said without a pause, “Home. To the Beginning.”

“I’m afraid,” she said. “Should I be afraid?” He glanced over his shoulder and then forward again and as they faded away, said, “I think both of us should be.”

(to be continued…)

– -A short series by “The Tempest”


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