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This is dedicated to the one I love…

Posted by Daniel on April 19, 2006

Icky Things

Okay, I'm speaking to all the married and/or "partnered" men out there. It's high time this was said and I don't care if it makes me look sappy or whipped or wimpy.

There ought to be a day (like a national holiday) set aside for husbands to tell their spouse, "I love you."

I know what you're saying…"There's already Valentines Day for that." Okay, I'll give you that one. And while I do my best to shop for just the perfect and most sincere commercialized crap for my Baby Cakes, somehow it just never seems to make the sentiment last throughout the year. A Valentine card is nice, but unless you give it to your spouse in Hawaii, that same card will be pitched into the recycle bin by St. Paddy's Day. The same goes for the Valentine candy/flowers. The flowers wilt and die, and end up at the top of your compost heap. As for the candy, well, as "thoughtful" a gift as that is supposed to be, you'll hear just how thoughtless it really was for the next week as they step off the scale. "You might as well have just taped those chocolates right onto my ass!!"

Note to self: Buy more tape.

What I really mean is a national holiday that celebrates the fact that you honestly do love your better half. No gifts are to be exchanged – that only cheapens the holiday, no matter how much tape or chocolate or diamonds you buy. No, this holiday is just to be set aside on the calendar for you to look your sweetheart in the teary eyes (from pulling off all that tape) and saying, "I love you, Steve."

*This can also work with names like Amber, Roger, Brittany, Paris, Chablis, Clem, Madonna…you get the idea.

I know that my Sweetheart KNOWS that I love him. I know he never doubts my love for him. But I also know that I must understand his need to have that love reaffirmed…daily. I guess it's easy for him to think I'm losing interest in him if I don't say, "I love you, Pookie" as often as possible.


Don't get me wrong, My other half is by no means a Drama Queen. He never throws into a hissy fit or anything like that if I'm not standing at the bathroom door, ever at the ready to shout out my love for him as an affirmation, right in the middle of poop-e-doo's. In fact, he hates it when I stand outside the bathroom door applauding. He just can't help saying – playfully – "You don't love me anymore, do you?" I try to be a good husband and answer that question honestly (YES) and with as little bloodshed as is possible ("Why'd you have to stop and think before you answered??). Jeebus, I love him!!! :p

Well, Sweetheart, this is how much I love you. Today – Wednesday, April 19, 2006 – I proclaim as "National Love Your Spouse By Saying It Day".

Love Character

I love you, Steve.


2 Responses to “This is dedicated to the one I love…”

  1. Noe said


    Even reckoning makes long friends…

  2. RevelKC2 said

    Awww….I love you too! (Are you SURE there’s no presents….;-))

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