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The Limits Of Style

Posted by Daniel on May 4, 2006

Okay. I get it! Jeeze!!

Sorry about that. I was reacting to the mass mailing of messages regarding why I, "…don't post videos or music…" to this site. So, for the record:

WordPress (the site host) does not allow embedding audio/video or javascript on the blogs. It sucks, I know, but this is a concession that has to be made in order to have a f-r-e-e blog that is also free of all the technical quicksand we used to have on Blogger.

If you're interested, I am starting to post video onto my alter-site:
Terrene – But Not By Choice

I've posted a particularly yummy test video there…Hint…if you're a fan of Mommie Dearest and ABBA, this might be worth a look. :-p

By the way, don't forget to add my RSS feed, which is at to your aggregator.


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