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Call Me Mr. Sensitive

Posted by Daniel on September 22, 2006

I could be very off base here, but the need to rant outweighs the show of over-sensitivity.

Add one more radio station to my list of sell-out’s who hire on popular and supposedly ‘funny’ DJ’s who like to crack every gay stereotype and mean-spirited joke.

Thanks, Air America Radio. You’ve given me yet another reason to stop listening in the mornings.

First Mark Merin leaves the “Morning Sedition” show, only to leave Mark Riley to bore everyone with truly dull praddle and jazz interviews. What the fuck does jazz (which I love) have to do with a political-oriented station?? I’ve stopped listening to him.

At least I had Rachel Maddow to tune in to right after that. A very great commentator on an intelligent show. Oh wait!! Now she’s on in the late afternoon-evening.


And just who did you place in her old time slot? The Young Turks. Apparently very popular.

Okay. I’ll give them a shot.

Interesting Guests…..Check
Gay jokes……………….Checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck…

This morning, discussing a new book by former Governor Jim McGreevey, called “The Confession”. the ‘Turks’ gang – Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Jill Pike – used this opportunity to discuss how being a gay man equals promiscuity, dishonesty and, in McGreevey’s case, bad news for the Democrats. Not to mention how he “…gives gays everywhere a bad name.” Following the looney logic of these idiots, McGreevey’s act of adultery is something that straight men (and women) never ever attempt.

It’s no secret that many radio DJ’s, morning shows, etc. use gay jokes as a way to rake in ratings…

“Hey, Whacky Jack, is that a manicure you’re sporting?”
“Sure is, Charlie Horse. Got a big date tonight.”
“With what, a man? Dude, you are so gay!”
“No way, Pony-boy, you’re gay. At least I don’t wear hair products. like you.”

You get the picture. Of course they like to laugh it off and, as some sort of lame appeasement, throw in the obligatory “Just kidding. Nothing wrong with being gay…if that’s the lifestyle you choose.”

I know. I know. It’s just a word and I shouldn’t get so worked up over it, right? Well, try looking at it a different way. The Republicans (most of them) and the religious folks are trying so damned hard to keep that word dirty and in the front lines of politics during this, as well as the 2008 campaigns. In order to give the weak-minded xenophobes out there something to fear and go to the polls with (other than terrorism, Iraq, etc.), us marriage-busting, Tinky Winky-loving, Senior-scaring, dry-humping, bedazzler-using sissy mary’s are wearing the bullseye. As far as I’m concerned, even the left-leaning radio hosts that use ‘gay’ as a dirty word are feeding us as chum to the religious sharks.

Don’t get me wrong, I was just as disgusted by McGreevey’s actions (adultery, lying about his sexuality, breaking the news during a press conference) as the next guy, but he paid the piper. (so to speak) Now he’s written a book about his experiences. Big fat hairy fucking deal. For this he’s supposed to be nailed to the rainbow flag? Because of his book, he’s making Democrats and gays look bad?

Screw that. And the same zealots (other than the radio heads) bitching about McGreevey are the same ones who have no qualms about peddling their own litterary tripe.

A few examples of this would be…

Bill O’Reilly……………Of the loofa sexual harassment scandal.
Rush Limbaugh……..Pill-Popping-Doctor-Shopper
Ann Coulter…………..All-around lying stank-ho
Linda Chavez…………Union Hating Elitist
Michael Medved……..No Darling of the “Leftist Media”
Michael Savage………So-called PhD of Head-Up-His-Ass-ology.
Bernard Goldberg…..#91 of 100 Republicans fucking up this country.

Now, if you’re one of those self-hating gays who closets’ his/her bedazzler every time the church ladies come visiting – (“AG”), you’ll probably tell me to get over my queer little self and stop bitching about what others clearly see as simple and light-hearted ribbing on the radio.

Fair enough.

Tell you what. You stop bitching every time a public library tells you that you can’t hold “worship” gatherings in their public meeting rooms or a courthouse takes the 10 Commandments off the public square. You do that, and I’ll stop taking the oh-so-funny clandestine gay-bashing so damned seriously.


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