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Happy Halloween, Pagans & Sinners!!

Posted by Daniel on October 31, 2006

This is one I’ve always wanted to see…


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Oy Yea, Oy Yeah…

Posted by Daniel on October 30, 2006

I apologize. I took my eye off the ball and I’m sorry.

The reason this post has started off with an apology is simple, in that I have been a little self-involved with some extra-curricular activities that have, for the most part, kept me away from writing. At best, I’ve only given myself time to splash a photo or two here as, I’ll admit, lazy attempts at throwing scarps to the readers.

I’m probably going to be all over the map on this one, and I apologize in advance for that , too…but here’s where I’ve been:

Other than making merry at the recent Halloween party and being the political junkie, I’ve also had a side-project going for months that even Steve found out about only recently. No, it’s not cheating on him. That just ain’t my style. He’s stuck with me for the rest of his life, and he knows it.

First, a little background…

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Do you ever go out with friends, ar attend a party and somehow the conversation turns to the state of affairs in your ‘community’? That’s me. I look around in my adopted home town and see all the usual meeting places (restaurants, bars, stores, ect.) opening and closing hither and yon. One minute they’re here…a month or two later…poof…gone. And it isn’t as though they appear and disappear in like one particular area. No, when something new here opens, it’s usually a drive from there to the next place of interest. It has really made ‘going out’ for Steve and I a bit tiresome.

Our friend Todd and I usually wind up in some very heavy discussions over the lack of a tangible “Gay Community” here in Kansas City. This happens whether or not we’ve been drinking, though the booze does tend to make Todd’s voice louder and my Italian ‘talking arms’ flail viciously.

For those gay readers in KC, don’t mistake my mentioning of no gay community as if I’m saying there is no gay population. I know very well we have quite a few numbers here. My bitch is that there is no cohesion in the community.

I’m probably just spoiled. As a native of Dallas before, during and after their evolution of Oak Lawn. That particular area was, at one time, a dump. No offense, Dallas. One or two icky bars, rundown apartments, high crime and gay-bashings, garbage in the streets, and more. There came a time, though, that the gay community became tired of being so spread out and unorganized. A ‘gay city council’ of sorts was organized to address these issues, as well as the new threat, HIV/AIDS. We decided it was time to develope a ‘safety zone’. Oak Lawn proved to be the ideal area because so many gays already lived in and around the area.

Fast forward twenty years. Oak Lawn is not only a clean, safe and organized area, it’s also generator of revenue for them and the city of Dallas as a tourist destination. Much like the Castro in San Francisco. What we accomplished in Dallas is something I’m still very proud of.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m saying we should create a new Oak Lawn or Castro District here in Kansas City. I do, however, think it’s time to let the old gays (who seem to run things supposedly for us) know that we are not happy with the status quo. We do not like to drive miles between clubs. Gay owned and operated businesses have little to no support of the community at large due to the entrenched gay establishment playing the “Clique” game. We are sick of our gay pride being whittled down to “ten dykes and some leather guys on a flatbed”.

Note: To the lesbian and leather community, I mean no offense. This is just a term I seem to hear often when the subject of Gay Pride comes up.

There are a lot of gay forums online and we all seem to be discussing these very issues. I am surprised to hear from people who are convinced the gays here in Kansas City are just so used to being kept spread out and unorganized by the religious strong arms, the Republicans, the entrenched gays with money, the city, the Kauffman’s grip on most real estate in the metro area, politics, economics, etc.

While I can see those points as valid, to one degree or another, I think it’s something even more basic and sad. It’s my opinion that our biggest problem in this city is an overwhelming and crippling apathy. As I told Todd, it’s one thing to hear people talking about these issues over their third jello shot on a Saturday night…but what are you doing about it Sunday or Monday? Yeah sure, it’s a bit freeing to be able to sit and bitch about the status quo in the gay community, but what have you done for us lately? Why don’t I ever see you at city council meetings when issues concerning gays and/or our community are among topics to be discussed?

Here is a response I get a lot when I challenge them, “You should start a Gay City Council. You would be perfect for that and you’d get a lot done.” Yeah right. A city council of ONE. That’s not exactly what I mean, although that’s kinda how I’ve felt for a while now.

With the state of things during this current political cycle, I can see how most folks could be so cautiously apathetic. Many of us are taking that ‘wait and see’ approach before actually standing up and organizing.

“That ain’t me”, as a friend of mine tends to say (Hi Michelle).

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.It’s a very nice compliment from friends and forum buddies to be encouraged to lead. But I’ve seen Norma Rae. I know what happens when you’re asked to lead a cause, only to find all of your backers fall by the wayside when the chips are down.

I’m not talking about protesting people or places, though a worthy cause is worth that. I’m not advocating shout sessions or heckling at public forums. I’m talking about the end of “talking about it” and actually doing something. Creating something more than a ‘gay community” that is in name only.

If you agree and live in or around the Kansas City metro area, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

…to be continued…I hope…

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More Pics…

Posted by Daniel on October 28, 2006

Todd & Daniel @ Renfest 2006

Todd & Daniel (The Tempest) @ RenFest 2006


Steve & Todd @ RenFest 2006

Steve (Revel) & Todd


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Somebody hold my hair…(part 2)

Posted by Daniel on October 26, 2006 I was saying, Steve made his grande appearance as “Maidzilla”…okay, I stand corrected…”Brangelina”. Wow, that was a stretch, Sweetheart. 😉

While he was downstairs regaling the thus far gathered crowd, this gave me a chance to slip upstairs in order to dawn what I’d hoped would be a cute surprise, but at the same time I didn’t want to be the center of the universe as tends to happen.

So I’m upstairs stuffing myself into a costume that, for all intents, was one I chose that would not be too hot to wear after an hour. Usually every year, I’m out of my costume at least an hour into the party because it’s either too uncomfortable, too hot, too detailed and cumbersome, or a combination of the above. This year, I chose something that was simple, lightweight and air conditioned.

Next thing you know, I’m calling Steve upstairs to check my battery pack, zip me up and velcro the neck closed. Then he’s sent out of the room while I…enflate. Yeah, just what every gay guy with an image anxiety needs is to wear a costume that makes him look like he weighs over 300 pounds, right? See, that’s so me. I have no shame and, try as I may, I just can’t do enough to embarrass myself in front of others. Truly, ask anyone.

Sidebar: I have chronic social anxiety, but refuse to take the “proper” medication for it. Instead, I choose to deal with it by being the goofy, fun-loving clown in public. Seems to work, though I get to look like a hyped-up idiot most of the time. Eh! It’s a livin’.

Now it’s my turn to make the grande entrance. Everything seems to be operating fine. The hair is fierce and the outfit is workin’. I turn to check myself in the vanity mirror – Oh, the irony. I can’t stop laughing. It’s all just too much. I even jump up and down a few times to test my stability.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Houston, we have lift off…

So I proudly waddle my ass until I get stuck trying to exit through the master bedroom doorway. I’m grunting and groaning, and from down in the foyer I hear Stevezilla laughing because of my current predicament.

At this point, I’m still waiting for our pictures to arrive (oh, for a digital camera!!), so this rip-off will have to suffice for now.

It’s nothing like this, per se, but you get the idea. Oh, and just for the record…I am nowhere near this rotund in real life.

Anyhoo, I manage to unwedge myself from the doorway, then bounce my way downstairs to a waiting crowd. You should have heard the level of laughter. My big plans to be subtle went right out the window, because the next thing I knew, I was dancing and bouncing all over the place.

Somehow, I ended up on the floor just to see if I actually could. It was no easy feat, let me tell you. This created a reason for even more laughter and then the cameras were whipped out and I was blinded.

Now the big test, trying to get back up. This proved harder as my costume rendered me more like a reverse-Weeble. I could rock myself upwards slightly, but I just couldn’t stay that way. It wasn’t much help that my godson, Ben, decided to use me as a giant pink trampoline in his 4 year old way of “helping Daddy“. I think he bruised my spleen.

Back to the party…

Bev & Mel arrived, bearing the giant bowl (ex-cake dish) of what is now the only thing I’ll drink when I drink…BOOZIE-SLUSH. Oh, the delicious decadant divinity of it all. As a reminder, this mix is a little treat they bring that is a mixture of several yummy boozes, fruit juices, mandarin orange slices, cherries, pineapple, etc. Frozen. I do so love a drink that can be eaten with a fork.

Suffice it to say, I had more than a sufficiency of this nectar from the gawds. Let me tell you, if you’re like me and have a problem with social anxiety…boozie slush is your ticket to fun and merriment.

Note: We at The Tempest do not promote the drinking of any alcoholic beverages as a means of treating anxiety. Seek professional help for any medical afflictions. Please drink responsibly. Vote Democrat. Lather – Rinse – Repeat.

Have I mentioned how boozie slush is the ambrosia of drinkie-poo’s? 😉 It took me three days to recover from the effects of partaking, but it was so worth it.

So the party rages on. Costumes are fabulous. Food is f-ing fantastic (thank you Garland & Kurt). Pumpkins are being slashed up in the garage due to the funky wet weather outside.

At some point, a game of Texas Hold-Em poker was started downstairs in the family room. This is always fun, and I think Steve ended up splitting the pot with his nephew-in-law at games’ end. Though strangely, Steve’s winnings ended up in my pocket after the party during clean-up. Hey, they were just laying there. I thought it was a tip!!

Which reminds me…somebody was tipping me during the party…with Monopoly money. What the frak??

All in all, it was yet another great party. As for those who missed it…Laura, Kyle, Todd, Danny, Curt, Deschner & Tom…well…you were all talked about…I won’t say if it was good or bad. But it wasn’t good. (I’m not one for gossip, so you didn’t hear that from me) Lesson learned.

See you all next year.

UPDATE: Here are some of the pictures…

MangelinaNothing this pretty could be real.Does this floor make me look fat?I’ve fallen and I can’t get…aww, screw it!Make sure you dust under the tutu.Is this boozie slush low-cal?

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Somebody hold my hair…(part 1)

Posted by Daniel on October 24, 2006

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.This past Saturday was our Halloween-themed party, “Pumpkin Slasher V”.

Steve and I look forward to this event each year as we are both very into the whole Halloween mileu. Rarely do I come across anything pumpkin-related throught the year that I don’t buy so as to add it to the party menagerie. Each year the decorations get bigger and, to our neighbors’ chagrin, cheesier. I don’t mean to say that we go for the tackiest outdoor decorations’ prize. But there is a thirty-foot spider web strung between two of our trees…complete with a six-foot fuzzy spider loitering in the middle. I so wanted to slap an effigy of George W. Bush on the web, but I couldn’t find a mannequin that looked sufficently stupid…not to mention I wouldn’t want our spider to get food poisoning. for this annual event keeps us working our tails off right up to the first (early) guests ringing the doorbell. There is always the last-minute shopping for gawd-knows-what we’ve forgotten on the previous dozen or so trips to WalMart or the grocery store. The week before, Steve spends every waking minute cleaning and prepping the inside of the house (where I am pretty useless), while I’m decorating the shit out of every visible nook and cranny, inside and out. Seriously, don’t stand still too long in our house or something festive and creepy will be slapped over you.

After the last trip to the last store was finished (2-hours before the party), Steve went right back to last-minute cleaning, while I busied myself by plopping on the sofa for a pre-party nap.

Am I a catch or what?!?

The party is due to begin at 7-ish, so at 6:30 I drag my lazy ass off the sofa, take a shower and throw on some comfy clothes.  Then to give Steve a chance to get himself ready in his costume, I start laying out/starting food, lighting a few dozen candles, and welcoming the first early guests.


Steve makes his grande entrance.!!

Keep in mind, this is obviously not Steve, but this is the costume.  He decided he wanted to dress up as what he normally feels he is year-round.  Call me stupid, but I don’t get it. 

Back off, bitches, he’s a-a-a-a-l-l-l mine!!

That I know of, my Sweetie has never done drag, (such that this was) outside of the plays he might do at the theater.  

Do you know how hard it is to find black pumps in a size 12+??  I swear, the lady at Payless (where we found them, go figure) asked us if these were for a special occasion.  Steve just knew I couldn’t resist this one.  “No,” I replied dryly.  “Why do you ask?”  Trust me when I say this lady didn’t look as though she’d spent much, if any, time around the gays, so I just had to have fun “breaking her in”.  She looked rode hard and put away wet by the time we walked out of there.

So, now that “Maid-zilla” is downstairs and into the fray, it’s my turn to slip into something unusual.

To be continued…pictures will be arriving soon.

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The Agony Of Defeat

Posted by Daniel on October 23, 2006

Last Friday, Steve and I joined many of his co-workers for a charity bowl.

Yes, in addition to the many other extra-curricular activities we are involved in, bowling is pretty high up there.  Normally, we bowl a lot with Scott and Ray (who never seems to contribute here…the lazy bastard), but this was held while Scott was away in Hong Kong and Ray simply couldn’t be bothered.

Sidebar:  An extensive post about Ray will soon be here.  For now, suffice it to say that Ray has turned ambivalence into an art form.

Anyway, long story short (cause I’m still a tad hung over from Saturday’s party – much more on that soon), our little foursome did pretty well even though we didn’t win.

Some pictures…

Barbara, Daniel, Steve & Patty



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“The Masochism Tango”

Posted by Daniel on October 20, 2006

(Or, the Gay Conservative Dances not to the Death, but to the Derision of the Republicans)

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The midterm elections are less than 20 days from now. I’ve been counting down with a sign in my work cubicle since the day after the 2004 elections, prompting many in my office to believe I was counting down to some kind of early retirement (I wish). And of late, I have been taking a tour of the gay conservative blog world. This is partly the fault of my daily perusal of

Best Gay Blogs, which exposes me to the wide world of gaydom, from gay poets and writers to gym rats and club boys to gay parents and activists. It is also partly due to the Halloween season which is always a good time for expanding ones boundaries, so to speak. There’s mischief and magic in the air, let’s see what’s hiding behind the next corner. And our conservative brothers and sisters have plenty to show and tell. And like anything, some of it’s scary, some of it’s funny, here and there they make sense, but overall, I’m left with the impression of someone doing the Masochism Tango.

The majority of the time a gay person aligns themselves with the Republican party (who at least to some degree still considers itself conservative) especially now that the engine that runs it is the Evangelical Christian Right, the result can be compared with “The Masochism Tango”. It’s a deliciously clever piece from “An Evening (Wasted) with Tom Lehrer”: that I became acquainted with roughly 20 years ago (yes, there’s a story there…wink).

/I ache for the touch of your lips, dear,
But much more for the touch of your whips, dear.
You can raise welts
Like nobody else,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango. /

/Let our love be a flame, not an ember,
Say it’s me that you want to dismember.
Blacken my eye,
Set fire to my tie,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango. /

/At your command
Before you here I stand,
My heart is in my hand…
It’s here that I must be. /

/My heart entreats,
Just hear those savage beats,
And go put on your cleats
And come and trample me. /

/Your heart is hard as stone or mahogany,
That’s why I’m in such exquisite agony.
My soul is on fire,
It’s aflame with desire,
Which is why I perspire when we tango. /

/You caught my nose
In your left castanet, love,
I can feel the pain yet, love,
Ev’ry time I hear drums. /

/And I envy the rose
That you held in your teeth, love,
With the thorns underneath, love,
Sticking into your gums. /

/Your eyes cast a spell that bewitches.
The last time I needed twenty stitches
To sew up the gash
That you made with your lash,
As we danced to the Masochism Tango. /

/Bash in my brain,
And make me scream with pain,
Then kick me once again,
And say we’ll never part. /

/I know too well
I’m underneath your spell,
So, darling, if you smell
Something burning, it’s my heart… [hiccup]
‘Scuse me! /

/Take your cigarette from its holder,
And burn your initials in my shoulder.
Fracture my spine,
And swear that you’re mine,
As we dance to the Masochism Tango. /

The point has been made on certain gay conservative sites that liberals hold themselves up as the intellectual betters of their conservative counterparts. Do I think liberals are smarter than conservatives? Yes, I do. Because there are different kinds of “smart”. Conservatives will indignantly whip out their SAT scores for a brain cell to brain cell comparison, but that’s not what I take issue with. I take issue with the intelligence that equates with survival instinct, with operating in your best interest: the basic innate realization of what motivates people to believe the way they do.

Is it impossible to be a gay conservative? Of course not. In the truest sense, conservatism, while not exactly championing the gay rights movement, would appear to at least not get in its way: smaller government with less interference from that government. Fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and balanced budgets are conservative points that gay and straight alike could point out as desirable.

The unfortunate reality is that true conservatism has taken a back seat on the Republican stage. Front and center is the NeoCon agenda, with generous helpings of Evangelical Fire and Brimstone.

Witness what Keith Olbermann reported on “Countdown” on Tuesday, October 17, 2006:

Keith: “Subsequent events seem to bare out the assessment that (David) Kuo‘s revelations (in “Tempting Faith”) are part of a growing schism between the GOP and its Evangelical so-called “base.” This time it‘s the Christian right itself pointing out what it believes are unacceptable words and behavior on the part of the administration.

The controversy? Last week ambassador Mike Dybul was sworn as the new global AIDS czar. Conservative Evangelicals problem with him? He is gay. His partner attended the ceremony, referred to as family, and his mother as Dybul‘s mother-in-law by both the State department deputy chief of protocol and the secretary, herself.”

(CONDOLEEZZA RICE, SECRETARY OF STATE): I‘m pleased to do that in the presence of Mark‘s parents Claire and Richard, his partner, Jason, and his mother-in-law Marilyn. You have wonderful family to support you, Mark.Keith: “And here comes the storm from the Family Research Council: “…the deferential treatment that was given not only to him, but his partner and his partner‘s family by the secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, is very distressing.”

Southern Baptist Convention Vice President Wiley Drake:“I…believe most Baptists would be like me; they would be appalled at what Condoleezza Rice has done, and in general what the Republican Party is doing with things like Log Cabin Republicans and other sodomites…”

This is who gay conservatives are with on the dance floor. A Republican Party that is led by George W Bush, whose tactic to “help” in the midterm elections is to blame the past administration, paint anyone who disagrees with him as aiding the terrorist cause, do whatever it takes to keep the public living in fear, and stoke up the Evangelical Right. All in a hang-on-by-the-nails effort to retain control of the Congress.

Do the Republicans themselves hate gays and lesbians? I truly doubt it, there are way too many working for them, related to them, and way too many Gay Republican elected officials themselves. And Condi Rice, any perpetual rumors about her own orientation aside, obviously had no qualms about standing in front of a group of people and being supportive of a gay couple.

Several of the gay conservative sites point to Democratic failures on the GLBT front. A favorite to throw around is Clinton’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy”, and I completely agree, it was a bitter disappointment. John Kerry, in the 2004 campaign, would not go beyond civil unions, which I equate with a separate straight and gay water fountain system. Somewhat disappointing as well. The Democrats have a long way to go as far as our community is concerned.

But even though I don’t believe the Republican Party themselves hate gays, you can look to Dubya himself for the bottom line. His attempts at pushing through a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, futile as they might be, is more than a disappointment. It’s an appalling revelation that in the end, he courts those who believe the “sodomites” are substandard humans. The Evangelical Right will give up anything (see the Constitution and most recently, Habeus Corpus), so the Theocracy can be achieved, and the heinous GLBTers can be purged from the land.

The biggest irony of all: those evangelicals who’s vote is so coveted by the GOP, if David Kuo is to be believed, are thought of as laughable and ridiculous. Behind their backs, their viewed as children who can be assured Santa is coming and the tooth fairy will reward them. Yet their rhetoric and hate speech about the gay community is pandered to by our very President.

This is who the gay conservative tangos with, sharing the floor with Santorum and Coulter, Dobson and Malkin, Falwell, Hannity, and Limbaugh. It makes me sad, because even though we are so much more than our sexual preference, those in power see that preference first and foremost. My conservative gay brothers and sisters: they may find you amusing, even pretend to listen and give you a place in their “big tent”. But out there on the dance floor, your a “less than”. A gamma in their alpha world. And they’d have no objection to stomping right on your toe.

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State of “Independent”s

Posted by Daniel on October 19, 2006

Less than three weeks from now, America will go to the polls. The results of this election will, once and for all, show the world whether this country has learned from it’s mistakes…or just become so terribly stupid that we deserve whatever happens to us.

What I mean by this is very simple, the American people, as a whole, have either learned something since and from 9/11…or we have just become a nation of brainwashed pussies.

For the past 5+ years, you have been:

This list can literally go on and on…and I’m more than sure it will grow even more.

So in these times of ill for the GOP and especially all of their candidates running in heated campaigns, what is there for them to run on that they haven’t already promised and not delivered on? What other wedge issue can they possibly throw into the fray as a means of distraction and scaring their base into heading en masse to the polls?

I’ve been watching their campaign commercials with great interest and there are some things that are standing out…more than just their lies.

In their commercials, both radio, and tv, you don’t hear them say, “Please re-elect me to congress.” Gone the way of the do-do is any mention of the fact that they are currently members of Congress. Instead, you hear lines such as, “I’m Jim Talent, and I’m running for the Senate.” Never mind he already is a Senator from my state of Missouri, running against Claire McCaskill.

It’s very obvious that the GOP candidates are running for re-election and away from the coat tails of their brave and fearless leader, GW. They seem to want to appear to be new to the game and a fresh face to the voters out there. Can they possibly think their base is that blind? Are they that sure that the so-called “undecided voters” are that uninformed?

A better question would be, at this point in time, and after everything that has happened in the past 5+ years, is the average voter in this country still that stupid??

To be fair, I have also seen Democratic candidates running ads that seem to shy away from the word ‘Democrat’, and talk more about their “independent” style.

Republicans as well as Democrats are equally and shamelessly cloaking their ads in the thin vail of being ‘independent thinkers’. Once again proving their low opinion of the American voters’ intelligence.

But in the end, can we really lay all of the blame for being so cowardly at their feet alone? Don’t we also share some of the shame for the ‘business-as-usual’ political tactics? After all, at least half of the voters in this country drank the kool-aid in 2000 and 2004. Are we really willing to, once again, cast our votes for those who can and will accomplish nothing but:

  • Make war, not love.
  • Commit adultery and get divorced,while championing a ban on gay marriage.
  • Toss gays out of the military, yet commit shameful recruiting tactics and watch our military numbers dwindle.
  • Tout ‘Christian values’, while stealing from the poor and elderly.
  • Scream about terrorist threats, yet leave the borders and ports unsecured.
  • Brag about tax cuts, while watching the middle class, poor ans elderly suffer.
  • Point out the previous administrations dishonesty, while granting no-bid contracts to their financial backers.
  • Erase any and all traces of foreign diplomacy.
  • Say they’re pro-life, yet stand for the death penalty.
  • Are for the rights of a brain-dead woman, yet hate the idea of stem cell reasearch that could, someday, possible cure that very condition.

I know that last one was a bit of a stretch, but is it really that far out of the rhealm of possibility?

Republican voters have a very big choice ahead of them between now and November 7th. Will it be that they, again, vote with their eyes closed, so long as it’s a Republican their vote goes for? Will they have faith that their Republican Congress and Whitehouse will come around and actually, this time, keep their campaign promises? Or will the voters finally and justly say through their votes, enough.

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More Republican Ads I Want To See

Posted by Daniel on October 18, 2006

These are worth spreading around…

I just can’t get enough of these.  And I will be spreading them around as much as possible in the next 3 weeks.

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If I’d Known You Were Coming…

Posted by Daniel on October 17, 2006

I’ve always wondered who all these people are that have subscribed to our feed via the many feed listings we have splattered all over the net. There’s anywhere from 60 to 90 of you but I still only see comments and email from the same people. Who are those people, lurking, with one hand on the keyboard…and the other hand…making balloon animals??, sometimes I feel as though I’ve just stepped out of the shower and someone is peering at me through the window. Sheesh! At least let a girl grab a towel to cover the unmentionables!!

Well, it’s your time to shine, peepers, lurkers, stalkers and rubber-neckers! Just pop a comment here. Don’t be shy. Let us know who you are, where you’re from, what you do, why you read, what you like, do these panties make me look fat, whatever.

If you are one of our regulars you can comment, too. If you run a blog as well, I think it would be a great idea to get to know some of your lurkers as well? You might even find some people that live across the street or always go to that Krispy-Kreme you work – study – live at…you never know.

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