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We’re ba-a-a-ack…

Posted by Daniel on November 9, 2006

Is it all over? Is it safe to come out now? Are we there yet?

Well, after a small hiatus, we’ve come up out of the bomb shelter where we were awaiting the fallout of post-election. We were so sure that, after realizing his master plan had failed, Karl Rove would have snatched the “football” out of Bush’s hands and “pushed the button” to commit the ultimate hara-kiri.

I won’t go into all of the usual smug gloating over the election results at this time. Although it would be well justified after all of the negative ads and the downright lies, race-baiting and gay-bashing the GOP was guilty of.

We are, however, very glad with the ultimate result of these elections. Democrats have a strong majority in the House and, have effectively the majority in the Senate as well. There are two phrases the President is going to have to familiarize himself with now that he has never had to worry about before…

“Checks and Balances”



I mentioned the Senate. Interesting developement…Jim Webb has won the Virginia Senate race against George Allen. It’s done. Finished. Over. Allen, however, is refusing to concede the election to Webb until “…the appropriate time”. Which means what, not until the 2008 Presidential elections? C’mon George, stop sucking your thumb, get off the floor, get out of that fetal position and take it like a man.

While we are truly glad this election is over because it was so fucking draining, the elation is a tad bittersweet. I’ll elaborate…

Claire McCaskill beat out imcumbant Jim Talent for Senate in Missouri. Good.
The Democrats won most every race nationwide that was considered key to the Republicans. Good.
The Stem Cell initiative passed in every state where it was on the ballot. Good.

Harold Ford lost his bid for the Senate in Tennessee. Bad.
Gay Marriage Bans passed on every state where it was on the ballot. Fucking morons! I mean, Bad.
Patrick Pierce lost his bid to unseat Missouri State Rep. Bryan Pratt (R-55). Bad.

Okay, so somewhere in here, I probably did a little gloating afterall. Sue me. It’s just so hard not to considering the tarring we Democrats have taken by the GOP and their henchmen over the past 12 years. I hate to use a gross metaphore here, but it really applies…

The Republicans have been screwing this country and the world for 12 years now and using a sandpaper condom while doing it. All the while, telling the country and the world it would be worse with the Democrats in power. So we’d better shut up and take it.

Well, Mr. Bush and Mr. Rove and the GOP at large, now the Democrats – after having FINALLY grown the pair I’ve been hoping for – are in control of your ass-kissing Congress. We, however, plan to throw out the rufies and court this country straight. This country told you in no uncertain terms that it has had enough of being politically date-raped by you. You smell of stale beer and Aqua Velva. They’re finally ready for Merlot and Jean Paul Gaultier.


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