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Fall…and the winds of change.

Posted by Daniel on November 12, 2006

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.There’s just something about Fall, ya’ know? All that was old withers, dies, and then, in three months, is reborn. Okay, maybe that was a bit new-agie-ish, but it does apply, somewhat.

There’s so much happening during this season and I’m not just talking about Steve and his never-ending crusade with the leaf-blower. Although, he is about as obsessed with the falling leaves as he is with the maple seeds.  Don’t even get me started on that one again!!

This Fall begins the long-awaited test to see just how fianancially practical the greenhouse we built really is.  Will all of the delicate lovelies now crammed in there actually make it through what is forecast to be an especially nasty Missouri Winter?  Or will that project have been all for naught?  Keep your eyes peeled on Ebay next Spring for the results.

There is also something else in store for a renewal this Fall.  This site.  After all of the constant tweeking and pruning, I have, as of now, apparently outgrown this host site.  There is literally nothing more I can do with WordPress to make this site more user-friendly.  

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this site has become visually “busy”, and that was antithetic to my initial goal.  I’ll admit, I do love all the twinkly little “thingies”, “buttons”, “Badges”, etc.,however, it was also my intent to have those baubles on a seperate tab or page so as to keep the clutter at a minimum.  Just trying to manage some of these things has become quite a project in itself.  Seriously, these little bastards buttons require daily attention, feeding, walking and more.  I’m just waiting for one of them to take a dump on the new carpeting so Steve can go ballistic.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why the hell do you even need those things?”  Need?  Not so much a need.  I’ve just learned so very much from each and every one of those sites and I wanted to make sure there was a link to them here.  Again, I had planned for them to be on a seperate page, though.

Another reason is that WordPress, still, doesn’t allow for java script and barely supports flash properly.  

Note to WordPress:  Not to show inpunity towards your site.  I know you guys are trying like hell to get things tweeked as fast as you can.  And there will be a button for your site on our new page.  (shit, another button…!)

So, beginning sometime this month, Kathy, Ray & I will be building a new site from the ground up.  My own template and all.  Kathy (our recent addition to Contributors) is my I.T. Department, handling this massive data project with me.  Ray, who sucks as a Contributor but is and has always been invaluable as my I.S. Department, will be upgrading my hardware.  Essentially building me a new PC from scratch.  One that will be able to handle the massive amount of action and data required for this blog update.  I am still amazed at the speed with which I outgrew this PC, which is not even two years old.

During this reconstruction, I will keep posting (sorry I’ve been a little distracted of late) here as often as I can.  

Hey, you guys are pretty smart.  I need some ideas.  Kathy keeps asking me, “What do you want on your page?  What do you want it to do?”  

Any ideas…?


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