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Welcome To My World

Posted by Daniel on December 2, 2006

Do These Post-It’s Make Me Look Fat?I’ll admit, keeping this blog up and active is no small feat. As I’m sure you can relate, posting every day can, at times, be a tad tedious. There are just so many things to write about. It’s like I have this mental hat filled with little strips of paper that have topics, ideas and other crap written on them. Usually, I (mentally) reach into the hat and whatever slip of paper I draw, that’s what I’ll write about.

There are, however, those days when I just don’t feel like reaching into that hat. I may be too tired to deal with it that day. Or simply not in the mood. Which is odd for me, as I do love to bitch about so very many things.

Also, I tend to run into those days where, after reaching into the hat, grabbing a paper topic, and then writing about it, I get my proverbial head bitten off by critics. Yeah, sometimes that hat has teeth. Not that I put too much stock in critics. More often than not they turn out to be those who have no valid counterpoint with which to conduct an intelligent debate.

Lately, I’ve been posting random articles on my MySpace page, just for a mental stretch. I have to say, it’s been a very interesting diversion from all the going’s-on around here. Our cast & crew here at The Tempest have quite a few irons in the fire, what with building the new & improved wholly owned and operated website/blog, and I just sort of needed to wander over to MySpace for some extra input.

I don’t know where my mind was going with that last paragraph, but that just goes to show you how full my head is at the moment. I suppose I could chalk up my recent suckling at the teet of MySpace to a recent bout of ADD. There are so many things to focus on right now that it’s become, of late, hard to focus.

Don’t Touch Anything!!Take my office, for example. This place is an experiment in disorganized chaos. You can’t see it from this picture, but it’s practically wallpapered in post-it notes. (By the way, the blue shirt I’m wearing makes me so look fat!! I hate it!!) These would actually be the real world version of my “Idea Hat”. And it’s not as though I’ve got the post-it’s in any particular order, either. There are post-it’s covering post-it’s. Layer upon layer. Hell, there’s even an entire section devoted just to all the love post-it’s Steve leaves me every morning.

In theory, I am able to simply pull a post-it down from anywhere in my office, and then write. But that’s the rub. Something – anything – gets moved in my office managerie (even an idea post-it) and I just sit here with this “somebody just moved my food dish” look on my face. So, fine…if I can’t write, I’ll go to MySpace.

It’s a crutch..I know.

I so want to write something pithy and political this evening…but it’s just not in me at the moment. Okay, this time it isn’t really MySpace.

Maybe it’s the weather. Yeah. After all, I can never concentrate when the weather outside is interesting. I’m a sucker for storms. (wind, after all, is my element) Tonight it’s a mutha of a snow storm. After yesterdays’ ice storm (welcome to Missouri), we thought that might be the end of it. Nope. Beginning at 4PM this afternoon, the snow started falling. At last measurement, there was 8 inches on the ground. They’re calling for 10 to 16 inches by tomorrow morning.

Hmmm…I should write about that sometime.

See?? I can’t stop myself!! Distraction after distraction. I can’t remember if I remember what I was trying to remember! 😉

Wow, that would be a great topic to write about. I need to write it down on a post-it note.


3 Responses to “Welcome To My World”

  1. […] Not even reminding her that I had the date written on a Post-It and it was placed prominently on my sticky note wall seemed to make her feel any merrier. Though, it didn’t help much that Steve felt compelled to […]

  2. Thanks…I like your Independent look at things, as well. I’ve added your link to my “Sites We Reccommend” listing.

  3. Great blog! I have to agree that keeping a blog active every day is not an easy task, especially in addition to a regular job. I try to keep mine up and going, but some days are better than others. Keep up the good work!

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