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What’s So Funny…?

Posted by Daniel on February 26, 2007

The new FOX News comedy show, Half Hour News Hour, just isn’t funny. It’s hard to imagine writing jokes about cancer , starving Koreans or drowning polar bears but that’s what viewers were subjected to on the premier show. FOX had been leaking clips all week so most people got to see the Obama segment and the Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter skit. The rest of the show had the same cringe factor especially when they tried to make concern for the environment the big joke of the night.



(Head-RUSH Limbaugh & MANN Coultergiest)


There was a sense that anyone struggling or suffering was somehow laughable. Roald Dahl’s children’s classic, James and the Giant Peach, was renamed James and the Giant Melanoma adding that it didn’t have a happy ending. I’m sure John McCain (who, himself, suffers from melanoma) found that hilarious. In another bit there was a t-shirt with No Fat Chicks under a picture of Kim Jong Il with a full explanation of how the North Koreans have been starving.

It could easily be said that those comedy writers at FOX clearly have no actual sense of humor.

The environment and global warming was the big butt of their jokes and it was astounding that they could come off like all environmental concerns are ridiculous and everyone taking action is a fool. Ed Begley Jr. became their victim with a bit about him not getting to the studio on time for an interview because he was driving his electric hybrid. Begley’s progress was measured on a map and his mishaps resulting from driving a hybrid were the jokes. He couldn’t get up hills or drive on the highway. Then Begley was picked up because he looked like someone who had eaten from a dumpster. Finally they described him in prison suggesting he was about to be raped by the inmates. They openly tried to humiliate Begley personally and ignorantly portrayed alternative fueled cars.

Then they did a bit with some guy claiming that any problem could be related to global warming in six steps like the movie Six Degrees of Separation. That’s when drowning polar bears got a laugh.

Then there were some fake commercials. The ACLU, not surprisingly were ridiculed in two commercials.

They made fun of charities in Hollywood as if it was somehow laughable that celebrities might want to use their influence and money to help people. Now Al Gore will also go down in history as having been associated with an OSCAR-winning Documentary (An Inconvenient Truth), thereby broadening the issue of global warming. I’m sure this will draw extra time on FOX’s “comedy” show, but only to be heckled and scorned with more of their canned-laughter.

I don’t think the writers really understand comedy. They crossed that line and the anger and cruelty came through. That’s never really funny to anyone except the bullies.

Face it…Conservatives just aren’t funny. That’s why you shouldn’t take anything they say seriously.


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