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$120 Billion Can Almost Buy You A Spine

Posted by Daniel on May 25, 2007

Another vote — another reason not to vote, right? All I can say is that dems are lucky to have a guy like me to talk the nervous and pissed-off folks down from the political ledge.

Because for those politicos (are you listening Hillary, Barack, etc.?) who think everyone will come back to you, no matter how many times you disappoint us, I have news: You’re dead wrong.

I’m not a political junkie. I’m just a recreational user. I find politics mildly interesting, the personalities can get boorish, the massive egos are often tedious. It’s not easy for me to trust someone to lead the most technical nation on earth if they can’t balance a high school chemistry equation, let alone take the derivative of ex. The only reason I became involved beyond the casual level is because I don’t like being lied to — about a lot of stuff, but mostly about a pointless, devastating war in which people I personally know are in danger of being killed or maimed.

I’m a Democrat who, when I discover I’ve been lied to by my party, is all too happy to stay home on election day — when I bothered to vote at all. Lately, for reasons that should be all too obvious, I’ve made sure to vote at every opportunity because I relish voting against the neo-GOP. I don’t know what the political strategists are telling their clients, but if part of that advice includes advising them that voting democrats like me will always come back to the Democrats because we distrust the GOP, fire them. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Keep your campaign promises, honor the wishes of your loyal base who bust their asses and bleed their wallets on your behalf, stick with the will of the majority, and diehard dems like me will stick with you. Most Democrats have done so this election cycle. For you I’ll fight on. But really, at this point in time, how hard is that in the case of the Iraq supplemental? How often does a politician get to honor those activists who give them the most, while siding with a growing majority of the electorate on the most important issue facing the nation, save countless lives and limbs, and simultaneously oppose the most unpopular policy among many unpopular policies promoted by the most universally disliked President in living memory? Good grief, it’s like hitting a political trifecta!

But if I’m in the market purely to be bamboozled by a hypothetical future used-car salesman turned politician, let me say with a little over-the-top, politically incorrect, crude blogger framing, and with my apologies to those who might not take this in the spirit of dark humor in which it is offered:

  • I can put in time and money on campaigns, write posts, defend people I don’t even know, stand in line at a polling station, all without ever seeing the politician[s], and then find out I was conned. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get nice form letter thanking me — and asking for more money.
  • Or, for a lot less time, money, and effort I can sit in any of several local gay clubs, enjoy a martini, and have a gorgeous, mostly-naked male escort tell me with more apparent sincerity than any politician has ever mastered that I’m the most exciting, charming, engaging man he’s ever met.

Which lying whore would you choose?


One Response to “$120 Billion Can Almost Buy You A Spine”

  1. RevelKC2 said

    The DNC gets ZIP ZILCH NADA from me now, and I can’t WAIT til I get my next request telling me how much they need my support to battle the administration.

    C.O.S. (Crock of sh–)!

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