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Thanks For Coming To “My-Space”

Posted by Daniel on July 9, 2007

It’s difficult to find a good starting poing for this post, as my head is still buzzing from events of the past week.

First, a wee bit of background. Some time ago, I met – and made – a really good friend on (of all places) MySpace. Yeah, I know. And I don’t blame anyone for rolling their eyes. I mean, that’s like some ca-razy shit, right?

Normally, I’d agree with you. Especially since I’m normally quite cynical about such things…

“Oh, sure. They say they aren’t axe-murderers! Or they start off as cuddly bunnies, only to tear off their faces to reveal their creamy evil twisted centers!!! Deny…Deny…Deny…”

I do, however, believe there are some good folks out there. It’s true…sometimes you have to skim through the online shit to uncover the rare Shiitake. And our friend, Seth, is a huge steaming pile of Shiitake. 😉

Daniel - Seth - Steve

Seth has been a MySpace friend for a good spell now and, over the past 6+ months, has expressed his utter disdain for his current hometown/state. Not an uncommon thing to hear from someone who lives in a very rural town in an uber-rural state. C’mon…we’ve all seen “Footloose“.

So, after many months of ranting and raving, we decided to play host to our dear friend, Seth, for an event-filled week of frolick and merriment here in Kansas City.

Sorry, Atari…I know you also have a friend moving to our area, so this might be a sore topic. Hey, what can I say? People really are flocking to KC because, believe it or not, we got it goin’ on. 🙂

Anyway, Seth arrived last Tuesday morning, and lets just say that he didn’t have any time to rest up from the trip. Just a couple of hours off the plane, and he was wisked off to our mega-amusement part (Worlds of Fun). Now, before you roll your eyes, again, you should know that it was something he wanted to do and our little fouresome (including uber-Hag, Gina) turn even something as mundane as this into an experiment in amusing terror. Well worth the price of admission and I highly recommend you join us for any future trips…you most certainly WILL throw up more from all the laughing than from the rides.

So, 8 1/2 hours in the blistering sun and humidity at Worlds of Fun later, Seth was back here at the house again for some well-earned rest. After all, there was much to do during his stay here (or so I’d planned) and a week is precious little time to get it all done.

I won’t bore you with each and every little detail from each and every day, save one. Suffice it to say that each day began and ended outside on the new deck for long talks and tons-o-laughs.  Finally…someone we know from online who gets to see our big deck (ehm) for reals!!  hehe

Oh, and there were the nightly chats we had about his desire to move out of his current location. Where he ultimately decides to move to is still up in the air, but we took it upon ourselves, as unofficial hostesses of Greater Kansas City, to give him both the perks of what our fair city has to offer someone like him, as well as all the serious considerations any big move can and do include.

But enough of that serious responsible crap. I mean we’re pretty level headed, but we ain’t fanatics about it!!

Moving on…

As does tend to happen when you have visitor(s) for an extended stay, you tend to (at the very least) worry that your guest(s) get the most bang for their visit. And, being the gracious hosts that we do so love to be, we kept posing the question, “So, what do you feel like doing?”

C’mon. Be realistic. Just because you know the layout of your town and know all the cool things there are to do…especially those things you think are cool, these things might not be your guests’ cup-o-tea. Est-ce que j’ai raison?

So, with that in mind, I keep asking Seth that question:

Daniel: “So, what do you feel like doing today?”
Seth: “I don’t care. Whatever you wanna do.”
Daniel: “No, seriously, you’re the guest. And as your host, I want you to pick something you want to do.”
Seth: “It doesn’t matter to me, really. You pick something, and I’ll do it.”

Well, as any of you who know me should already be aware, I can only handle so much of the pleasantries. Then it became more of a dare to me. “Fine,” I said. “Have it your way. Then I will pick!!”

The following picture shows what I came up with:

Seth enjoying his vacation here at Chez Anderson-Howard.

As you can see, Seth not only did what I told him to do, but the little bugger actually enjoyed it!!! Before mowing my yard, I also had him help me go buy bags of dirt and haul them here to redo my garden. Again, he enjoyed that as well. Frakking little sadist!! See the video at the link below…

Seth Mowing

For this, a bit more background info is warranted. The weekend before Seths’ arrival, I was talking about it with my neighbors, John & Margie. But you have to keep in mind, I do have a knack for joking with them…sometimes to the extreme. This was one of those times. I had Margie convinced that we were adopting a baby from the Phillippines and he was due to arrive Tuesday morning. I had her going for quite a while…that is until John came outside and heard what we were talking about. At which time he glared and laughed at Margie and said, “You ain’t falling for this shit are you?” Margie looked a bit confused, then turned to me and yelled, “You little asshole!!!”

I get that a lot from Margie. 😀

I nearly got away with it this time, though. That is, until they saw the little bouncing bundle of joy mowing our yard two days later. While he was mowing, I was standing there taking pictures and video of him doing the chores. And again, I heard Margie yell, this time through her kitchen window, “You little asshole!!!” Ours is a special kind of love, Margie’s and mine.

The week went on and, fortunately for Seth, it was unGAWDLY hot & humid outside. So no chores for him. We found other things to occupy all of us. One of which was to force him into a gay-themed movie day. It seems widdew Seffie has not seen ANY of the required movies that are essential to the building of true gay character. You know, like Auntie Mame, All About Eve, Brokeback Mountain, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mildred Pierce, Mommie Dearest…the list goes on. So, rather than snatch his gay card and cut it to little bits in front of him, we made sure he saw several of those. A list of required DVD’s was also issued to him as “homework” upon his return home. He especially enjoyed All About Eve…so he’s well on his way to joining the ‘gay agenda’.

For Saturday, we saved the best for last. He went out to the clubs with us, both to get a taste of the nightlife here (so to speak) as well as to meet some of our little extended family of friends. I told him that there was no need to feel intimidated by anyone from our large group, as we had all previously agreed to form a protective cocoon around him…to shield him from some of the seedier elements. So, in his usual dainty way, and just as we were about to head on out for drinkie-poo’s, Seth was downstairs “warming up”…

All I asked was if he’d remembered to brush his teeth…!!

I couldn’t have been prouder. Needless to say, Seth was, indeed, quite a hit. Both with our friends and with the gawkers he was so oblivious (yeah, right!!) to.

All in all, our little house guest was able to meet many of our neighbors (who absoultely adored the little fucker), our most inner-circle of friends (who half-drunkenly lusted after and protected him), but most importantly, he got to meet us. I’ll admit, I was very bummed out today when we dropped him off at the airport for his journey home. And even though I’m convinced he will move here to KC very soon, I can’t help but miss his stupid and childish ways already. It was nice to have someone with whom to share those same traites…well, much to Steve’s chagrin.

His leaving gave me the vapors.

It was a real blast, Seth. We’re looking forward to your next visit. Which, as it turns out, will be in September for a week, so that he can go with all of us to Dallas for Gay Pride. Unless he moves his ass up here sooner…wink wink.

Seth about to get poked by Neptune.


4 Responses to “Thanks For Coming To “My-Space””

  1. […] Note: While the above was my lame attempt at artistic license, Seth is, in fact, moving in within the next two months. For a bit more on Seth, visit here. […]

  2. Cameron said

    There is just something about being replaced that really hurts. Does this hot guy realize he is just a surrogate hottie?

  3. Iona Mia Traylor said

    Oh, ain’t you three jess the loverly man-sammich Mama Iona craves??

    Whoeva dis Seth poson eeus, he sho look like da innocent little lamb bein’ tended bah some fan rack of layumbs. I jess wonna hug da little muffin aine pinch his widdle cheeks!!

    C’mere ya little dahlin’!! Let Auntie Iona cradle you in huh buxom bosom of love!!!

    I sho hope y’all really do move thayuh…b’cause by da looks ob doze foster parents ob yours, ya jess cain’t do no mo bettah!!

    Y’all beddah stay in tetch nayow, y’heauh??

  4. Seth said

    That Seth guy is one hot DEVIL!!! It sounds like he had a great time, as well as the two of you. I’m 100% positive he will be back. Hell…I have determined he will be moving there.

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