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Our Love = Their Hate

Posted by Daniel on July 16, 2007

I opened my email this morning and found something very interesting.  Smack-dab in between all the “forwards” from my aunt, and personal correspondence from friends and family, was a piece of hate mail.

I’d like to premise this by saying that I’ve been noticing quite a lot of homophobic rants and tirades lately on many of the sites and blogs that I visit regularly.  I’m even seeing these hateful comments appearing more frequently on my friends’ videos on YouTube.  See here for an example.

This person is referring to Steve and I opening our hearts and home to a friend who has been dreaming of moving from his current location in a very rural town in West Virginia.  He wants to start his life in a big city and has chosen Kansas City.  We felt that giving him a helping hand, moral support and introducing him to many of our friends (on his recent visit) would open some doors for him.  In my opinion, it would be a better world if more people helped one another out in this or other ways.

Now, getting back to my email…

The sender of this twisted email appears to be as cowardly as he/she is uneducated.  The email address from which it was sent comes back as “undeliverable” and “doesn’t exist”.  A practice becoming more common among those who live to throw hate-grenades.

Here is the meat of what the sender sent:  (grammer, CAPS and misspells his/hers)

Dear Faggot Fathers,
I’ve been reading your ‘stories’ regarding you so called “adoption” of this so called friend of your’s.  While I’m sure your just trying to SEEM funny an entertaining, surley you must realise that people can see what your really getting at.  Honestly, corrupting your so called friend by allowing him to stay with you while he gets the lay of the land in a new city?  Please!!  This is just another example of how gays make even more gays.  You mask your intentions in lending a helping hand when all it really is is to fags trying to make another fag.  It’s sickening!  Is this really your anser to gay procreation?  All your doing is proving the point that fags want to turn the rest of the world queer.  An all your bitching about hate crimes and gay bashing and someone killing a faggot seems weak.  It’s people like you who prove there is a gay agenda aand you’ll stop at nothing to turn us all queer.  I feel sorry for this kid whos coming into your gay ass home.  It should be ilegal, for fags to adopt or like in your case bring a so called friend into your house for queer training.

This shit went on quite a bit more, but since this person never heard of paragraphs, it wasn’t worth pasting the whole rant here.  But you get the idea of what he/she thought.

Seriously, are these people so damned bored that they slink around on the internet looking to pick fights with those who think differently than they (in other words, with those of us who both have and use common sense) do?  Are they all channeling Jerry Falwell???

As I said, when I tried to respond to this person, my email was bounced back because they used a dummy email account to send the above.  While I so want to respond to this uneducated and hateful person, I am reminded of the promise I made to myself last year not to trade barbs with bigots.  I will, however, leave this open for your comments and/or suggestions.  If there were to be a response, how would you put it?  If it helps, here is the opening:

Dear “”,



5 Responses to “Our Love = Their Hate”

  1. If you think we’re traying to turn the world queer, well, start looking over your shoulder…we’re coming for you next!

  2. RevelKC2 said

    Oh, and one other thing, Poster of Anonymous Hate–go ahead and just have that gay or lesbian experience you have been surpressing. You may not be the most educated branch on humanity’s tree, but there is one thing that is usually first realized about hatespew like yours (by those of us who at least got passed middle school). It is that hatespew of that depth 99% of the time springs from self hate.

    Go ahead..don that tiara and/or flannel, put a work boot on one foot and a satin pump on another. We would rather have you a productive freak than a vindicitive, spineless little hate volcano.

  3. RevelKC2 said


    not provide a proper email for rebuttal to your hate speech

  4. RevelKC2 said

    To the person who wrote the quoted email:

    You have your right to voice and opinion, and if you feel you do yourself justice by spewing hate, then go ahead and spew away. It all comes back on you anyway.

    The interesting thing though, as far as I am concerned, is because you were so gutless as to
    not provide a proper rebuttal to your hate speech,
    you by your own hand rendered your points moot and your words valueless. You haven’t the courage of your convictions, sir or madam, and you would be better served if you crawled back under your rock.

    And please remember, Jesus Loves You…/sarcasm.

  5. Terri said

    This reminds me of the old saying, “Never get into a fight with a pig. You both get muddy, but the pig likes it.” Clearly, this person is ignorant. What I find interesting is that he (or she) apparently visits your website. Things that make you go…hmmmmm.

    Good luck to Steve. I am sure he appreciates your kindness and generosity.

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