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Harry Potter Revealed

Posted by Daniel on July 21, 2007

Harry Potter #7No, this post will NOT be spoiling the end results of the latest and last volume of the series. So don’t ask.

This post is about how it was spoiled for me.

Suffice it to say that there are far too many assholes out there who just love and live for fucking things up for people.

We haven’t gone and gotten a copy of the final Harry Potter book yet. That puts us probably in a very large minority. We figured we’d wait till the big hoopla ebbed, then get a copy. Till then, however, we decided to avoid situations or conversations where any endings would or could be revealed by those who have read it.

That lasted all of about twelve hours.

I’m online reading my usual favorite blogs (filtering out any posts with the words Harry Potter in them) and online news carriers. As I was reading the last of the stories that caught my eye – about a guy who survived a shark bite in Hawaii – I click the “read more” hyperlink, only to be redirected to one of those spoiler pages.

This page was specifically designed for your eye to instantly see first off all the names of who dies. It was, to give them credit, created perfectly to cause your eyes to snap instantly onto it as sort of a mental picture-type image. It was all downhill for me from there on.

All was revealed…no more mystery or questions.


Below that, was a laundry list of all the graphic and gory details from each chapter of the book. I could have just closed the page upon seeing the death list at the top, but I was so mad and figured I might as well read on. What the hell, right?

I hate these people. What, exactly makes a person so mean and moronic that they feel so compelled to poo-poo things for the public at large? Do people find them so unattractive and disgusting in public, that they spend each day and night with their fat asses parked in front of their computers just thinking up shitty ways to make life suck for the rest of the world?

I know I’d love to add some names to those who met a grisly death in the spoilers…



4 Responses to “Harry Potter Revealed”

  1. Daniel said


    I dunno. I loved the series, but now I’m all Pottere’d-out. If there IS to be another installment, it had better be something more unexpected…like Hairy Poofter and His Giblets On Fire. 😀

  2. Kirk G said

    I also tried to down the 7th book a few chapters at a time in the week following the release. I didn’t make it by the time that the kids took the book with them to summer camp at grandmas house. I had to wait another two weeks for their return, and have discovered that my 10 year old finished it, and at her request, told my 13 year old how it ended! So, she never did bother reading it to the end.
    Can you imagine dodging people and HP discussions for THREE weeks until I could finish it myself? Didn’t quite end up the way that I thought, as I thought Nevil would play a more critical role before getting offed by Lord V.
    Also, I got tired of JKRowlings draging us through every place, person and plot element mentioned in the prior six books in a grand tour of Harry’s world.

    Looking forward to some licensed other books about the characters in his world though….
    How about you?

  3. RevelKC2 said

    My answer to spoilers is to read as quickly as I can…lol..I read a third of HPVII over the weekend, which is incredible for me, the slow plodding reader.

    So far, LOVING IT!!!!

  4. Ste said

    I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers like the plague. I also came across a post with a deathlist in the title. I quickly removed it before I could filter any more.

    Love the cartoon because that’s truly who some of these folks are. So sad too.

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