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New Kid On The Block

Posted by Daniel on August 16, 2007

After weeks of planning, packing, and saying goodbyes…I’m finally here and settled in! I couldn’t be happier or want to be anywhere else. I’ve had the most welcoming and inviting home to come to, and great friends all around. Not once have I had any regrets or looked back, before or after, moving here. I feel very fortunate to have met such incredible people.

I suppose it would be appropriate to let everyone know a little bit about me. First and foremost, I am not your typical clichéd internet psycho. I didn’t move here with intentions of inflicting any bodily harm or setting anything on fire. Everyone is perfectly safe.

I am a fun, spontaneous, and outgoing person. Until recent events, I could have been comparable to a turd on a stick, OH SO BORING and kind of awkward to be around, I really am fun and enjoyable. I tend to look on the brighter side of life and try and not let things get me down. If someone or something is thrown my way to put a kink in my life, I just wrap it up in a purdy little package and send it right back! Do I put on the return address Snide Bastard? Of course I do! Should I put in the greeting card Eat turds and die? Well why not?! Once you get to know me, you’ll find I truly am a great person with a good heart and a weird and twisted sense of humor.

Anyway, the moving went very well. It was a long and tiring drive, but we made it. I know I could have kept Daniel a little more awake on the trip, but between the short-lived sadness and exhaustion, I was, like I said previously, a turd on a stick. We arrived here after 13 hours of driving, unloaded the truck, and crashed.

I left West Virginia three weeks early to chase a hot lead on a potential job at one of the news stations. It turns out it was nothing more than that, just a lead. I only did this because I used to work for a news station in my hometown. It can be difficult to get a good job in that business.

On the job

This far, I’ve put out close to 30 résumé’s, and have been to one interview. I have another interview this Saturday and I go back for a second interview next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something good to come my way. I know it will happen.

I do have to say I miss one thing about home, my best friend Aubrey. She is hilarious, crazy, loud, and her heart is as big as her cup size. She has been there for me in the hardest and darkest times of my life. I love her to death and I hope someday I can give her what I’ve been given, a second chance at happiness and life.

Aubrey and me

What can I say about this one?

Now that you know a little bit about me, what do you think? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment, I won’t bite…hard.

Again, I am very happy to be here and to be a part of this new family. I am very thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given.


4 Responses to “New Kid On The Block”

  1. Kirk said

    Well, I’m not so certain this was a safe move now…
    Bailing on a good paying job, on friends who would give their arm for you, and not to mention the wild party set for Club Utopia….
    Well, I hope your new friends are a good as your old ones. Certainly, their sense of humor better be as twisted out there, or else you’re in for a drubbing…!!!

    All kidding asside, we will miss your lively sense of humor and your passionate moods, Seth!

  2. Margie said

    Welcome! I was beginning to think maybe you were a figment of Daniels imagination on his long road trip back home : ) . Even though we havn’t officially met yet, maybe when this weather becomes less hellish, we’ll all venture outside of our air conditioning and meet across the fence.

  3. RevelKC2 said

    Well, if you’re certain you’re not going to hurt anyone or set anything on fire….*sigh*….I guess we can unchain and uncuff you now…..


  4. Daniel said

    Blah…blah…blah… I read no mention of the lovely fruit basket or cheeses of the world you found in your new office.

    Some people.

    But really, you’re undying gratitude and servitude is all we can ask for.

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