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We’ll Have Nun Of That

Posted by Daniel on September 28, 2007

Six Catholic nuns have been excommunicated for heresy after refusing to give up membership in a Canadian sect whose founder claims to be possessed by the Virgin Mary, the Diocese of Little Rock announced.

The Rev. J. Gaston Hebert, the diocese administrator, said he notified the nuns of the decision Tuesday night after they refused to recant the teachings of the Community of the Lady of All Nations, also known as the Army of Mary.

The Vatican has declared all members of the Army of Mary excommunicated. Hebert said the excommunication was the first in the diocese’s 165-year history.

“It is a painfully historic moment for this church,” Hebert said.

The six nuns are associated with the Good Shepherd Monastery of Our Lady of Charity and Refuge in Hot Springs. Sister Mary Theresa Dionne, one of the nuns excommunicated, said the nuns will still live at the convent property, which they own.

“We are at peace and we know that for us we are doing the right thing,” the 82-year-old nun said. “We pray that the church will open their eyes before it is too late. This is God’s work through Mary, the blessed mother, and we’re doing what we’re asked to do.”

At a news conference, Hebert said the nuns “became entranced and deluded with a doctrine that is heretical.” He said church officials removed the Eucharist — which Catholics revere as the body of Christ — from the monastery on Tuesday night.

Hebert said the sect’s members believe that its 86-year-old founder, Marie Paule Giguere, is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary and that God speaks directly through her.

Excommunication bars the nuns from participating in the church liturgy and receiving communion or other sacraments.

The diocese said the action was taken after the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration dated July 11 that the Army of Mary’s teachings were heretical and automatically excommunicated any who embraced the doctrine.

Hebert said the diocese had known for years that the nuns were following the sect and said church officials in the past had encouraged them to come back into the fold.

According to the Catholic News Service, the Army of Mary was founded in Quebec in 1971 by Giguere, who said she was receiving visions from God.

Dionne said she does not know if Giguere is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, but said she believes God communicates through the sect’s founder.

“She is doing only what God and Mary tells her to do,” Dionne said.

A spokesman for the Army of Mary called the excommunication of the nuns and the other members of the sect an injustice. Father Eric Roy said Giguere has not claimed to be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, and said the 86-year-old Quebec woman “receives graces” from the Virgin Mary and God.

“The Virgin Mary took possession of her soul. I would rather say it that way,” said Roy, superior general of the Sons of Mary, an associated group. 


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The Weight Is Over

Posted by Daniel on September 26, 2007

I’m Aging Like A Fine Milk

Note: I’m reposting this picture here just to help boost my ego and maybe prove a point.

Yesterday I went in for my quarterly physical/lab work/checkup. Over all everything looked great. There were, however, the usual wags of my doctor’s finger over my weight.

See, ever since late November of last year I have been gradually losing weight. Forty one pounds to be exact. This causes my doctor to become very stern with me, as he thinks it’s unhealthy for someone of my stature (five foot three) to drop so much weight in such a short period.

I don’t get it. I’ve gone from 192 lbs. ten months ago to 151 lbs. today. I wouldn’t say I was chubby or even fat back then, but I was pretty “fluffy”. Today I feel ten times better and though most of my clothes no longer fit, Seth moving in has provided an instant new wardrobe. The little fucker is so thin and everything but his shoes fit me to a “T”.

Doctor Worry Wart seems to think that I should weigh in at around 170 lbs. since I have what he calls a “stocky build”. At first, I thought he meant fat, but he defined that as “naturally muscular and fit-looking”. Fit-looking…funny. I never work out and I maintain the worst diet in existence. Other than the fact that I’m naturally wired up and bouncing around like a kid hyped up on a sugar buzz, I am puzzled as to how I stay “fit-looking” at all.

Nevertheless, Doctor Killjoy insists I go on what he calls an “anti-diet”. More carbs and foods that will bring my weight back up to where he wants it.

As if!!!

I don’t like breads, as such. Never touch them. This was the case even long before the anti-carb craze gained a foothold in the world of diet fads. I don’t even like hamburgers with buns at bar-b-que’s. But if McDonald’s fries in any way count as carbs…well then I’m all over that one.

Anti-diet. Whatever!! If anything, I’d like to stay at this weight, but tone up the overall package, as it were. I like the way I look now and am very comfortable in my own skin these days. I don’t look the way I do for anyone but me, which is how I think everyone should feel about themselves.

Incidentally, my cholesterol and blood pressure were, using Doctor Strangelove’s words (again), “both strangely perfect”. His words, “I don’t know how, with your bad eating habits and hyperactivity, you’ve managed to maintain such perfect numbers. Whatever it is, it seems to be working for you, though I wouldn’t suggest the same lifestyle to others.”

Eh, what does he know?

I guess one good thing (other than the news of my physical) did come out of yesterday…they took me off of one medication because I’ve proven that I no longer need it. That may not sound like anything major, but let me tell you something, when you have to take seven different medications each day, one less is reason for a ticker tape parade. It’s little triumphs like that that make the whole thing worth it.

So, will I take my doctor’s advice and go on this anti-diet in order to gain another twenty pounds back? Hardly. Will I try to lose more weight? Duh, NO!! I ain’t no fanatic about my weight and I know I’m not anorexic.

I’m a healthy short stocky (?) man who happens to think he still looks good for all the wear and tear.

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The Losses Are Weighing Heavily

Posted by Daniel on September 24, 2007

This has been kind of a shitty past week. Much has been lost and I’m a bit beside myself what with wallowing in my own grief and self pity.

First, the Chiefs lost game #2 last Sunday while we were all in Dallas celebrating their Pride. Leave it to the Chiefs to put a pooper on what was the end of a great week. Fortunately, they pulled their heads out of their asses and pulled off a nice win against Minnesota. Perhaps all is not, in fact, lost for them after all.

Then there was the news that Alice Ghostley passed away. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, remember Bernice from Designing Women and Esmeralda on Bewitched. This was pretty sad news as I have always loved this woman’s work and humility.

Okay, those events, so far, had made for a pretty crappy week. Was that to be the end of my grief? Not even close.

The very next day, I find out that one of my three favorite blogs (ranking right up there with “Atari‘s” place and Rob’s hangout) has been “retired”. My friend Joshua has decided to close down Gay Men Rule, which was a sort of contributor-based blog, of which I was honored to be a small part of. It was pretty shocking to hear this news upon my return from Dallas, as I’ve grown very close to some of the folks on that site, not to mention a growing affection for Joshua and his mission.

While I’m still not completely clear as to the underlying reasons behind the blogs’ retirement, I can certainly respect and stand behind Joshua’s decision. It is my fervent hope to see him online again soon. As for the other contributors to the now defunct GMR, I can only assume that they have all gone back to their own blogs full-time.

I will be visiting you all often, folks.

Well, as if all of the above wasn’t enough to cause me to crawl into a shell and hide away from the inhumanity forever, I was hit with the final and most painful blow…

Youtube deleted my account.

That’s right, gone.  Finished.  Fini.  Kaput.

All due to my insatiable love for Family Guy.

Normally I’d have included a hyperlink to so folks could buy Family Guy…but FOX decided to be assholes – AGAIN – so fuck ’em!!

See, I have had quite a few videos on Youtube, both personal and homemade and…erm…otherwise borrowed.  None of which showed me taking credit for their production or ownership, except for those I did make.  They all were, however, getting so many hits that it drew the attention and subsequent ire of Twentieth Century FOX.  Because I had three different Family Guy montages included in my videos, my account was deleted due to “terms of use violation”.

Fair enough.  I suppose having those montages on my account did, in a way, infringe copyright.  But was it not also free advertisement for that fucking show?  Over 100,000 hits and you think no one ended up buying their stinking DVD box sets of seasons one through five??

Gimme a break, Rupert Murdoch!!  I should be getting royalties from your stick-impaled ass!!

Anybody know another video hosting site that I can rebel on?

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Medical Distinctions

Posted by Seth on September 22, 2007

My mom sent me this and I thought it was funny. So, I thought I would share it with everyone. 

We’ve all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know the difference between them?  

In an effort to keep you informed, the definition for each is listed below…

GUTS – is arriving home late after a night out with the boys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: “Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?”

BALLS – is coming home late after a night out with the boys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the bum, and having the balls to say: “You’re next.”

I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically speaking there is no difference in the outcome since both ultimately result in death.

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My Take On Dallas

Posted by Seth on September 20, 2007

Camel Toe!

I love going on trips and experiencing new things. When friends are involved, that makes things much more fun. This past weekend I got to experience my first Gay Pride in Dallas. I had a kick ass time! I’ve always wanted to go to a Pride, and Dallas was a good choice for my first time. I have so much I want to say about the trip, so I’ll just mention a few of the highlights.

The drive down and the drive back was one of the best times of the trip. On a nine hour trip, it’s to be expected there will be those boring, low points where everything seems to drag on and on. Having Daniel sit in the back seat made the time go by faster. We did nothing but act like two 8-year-old children. We exchanged rude comments, making weird faces, gross noises, stupid jokes, and taking many pictures. While doing all of this, we were irritating the shit out of Steve and Gina. I know they wanted to leave us in Texas if not strangle us!

One of our trademarks was the infectious fart noise, “Ttppppptt!!!” This was an old joke with my family and me, so I thought I would share this with Daniel because I knew he would appreciate it. Every time we saw someone that looked as if they had a delicious fart noise coming from them, we would attack! As Daniel mentioned in his post, is the word that sums up the trip.

The parade, for me, was like nothing else! I’ve never seen anything like it before. There were women dressed as men, men dressed as women, gay porcupines, thousands of people, and beads! Every strand of beads thrown our way, I would reach for them. It was kill or be killed in that crowd! I didn’t care about the sweet blond girl behind me or the two guys standing beside me, I was out for blood and beads! I grew quite a collection in a two-hour span. Daniel, Steve, and Gina eventually caught up with me as the crowd thinned out. By the time the parade was finished, we all looked as if we showed everything to everyone for the price of something pretty to show for our screaming and bead grabbing.

Crowd at the parade

Daniel, Gina, and Steve at the parade.

On first day there, we went to Six Flags. I love amusement parks. I had a great time! Granted it was so hot it felt like we were riding roller coasters in the armpit of Satan. It was so hot Daniel almost passed out at one point! He was sweating like a whore in church, and I thought that was funny. Then I realized he was getting sick. By the end of our outing there, we collectively smelled like a hotdog wasting away in an old shoe.

Gina Singing

On our last night there, we went bar hopping. I really like the bar scene in Dallas, because there are actual people out! In West Virginia, you look around and say to others “Hey that was a purdy good sermon last Sunday eh?” I had a hell of a time out last night there. All four of us were pimping it out in our sexy clothes, except my hat, looking sharp! We made our rounds at about four different places and then decided to end the night at the first bar we started at. We only did this because Gina wanted to karaoke a little. Well, by the time we got there she was trashed! In the midst of her drunkenness, she sang us a couple songs. “Fancy” by Reba McEntire and “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman. On the latter, she did pretty well. On “Fancy”, OH MY GAWD! I think she got about 7 words right! I really don’t remember a whole lot at the time because I was being seduced by Rio.

Posing for the camera!Ahhh, Rio! He fell in love with my smile, looks, and my charming personality. It couldn’t be because I posed for the camera doing a split on the railing outside could it? After proclaiming his love for me, he proceeded to invite me back to his hotel room. I would have said yes if I didn’t have standards! He was quite comparable to a young, gothic, creepy version Mr. Burns from the ‘Simpson’s’. He would linger in the corner and watch me. While he was sitting on me at our booth, I would franticly reach for Steve’s hand to rescue me. Little did I know, I could/should have just hopped on his lap and said to Rio “I’m with him!”

There were the nit picking fights, arguments, and disagreements, but the good defiantly outweighed the bad! I had a blast! I’m glad to be back, but I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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Gay Time’s Over…Now Back To Work

Posted by Daniel on September 19, 2007

After Shedding the beads.

These words are being written with shaky fingers and coming out of a head in desperate need of a pillow.

I find myself back in the office after a four-day jaunt down to Dallas for what I found to be a wildly fun Dallas Gay Pride event. Now I’m recovering from what feels like a four-day hangover, but is actually more an “event-over”. Meaning I am so glad to be home, because I am so pooped out mentally and physically and my throat is killing me from all the high-pitched screaming I did just for beads.

Honestly, I feel like such a bead-whore because I ended up with so many. I did, however, learn that there is, indeed, a fine art involved in acquiring the strung together sparklies…

1. Scream like you’re a virgin whore on nickel night.

2. Act like the float currently in front of you is your all-time favorite.

3. While shrieking wildly, pretend that you know the person throwing the beads personally.

4. Either be as violent as Gina when grabbing wildly, or else stand clear and pray for shit to hit the ground.

5. Don’t let those doe-eyed kids standing near you fool you into handing them your latest catch…they’re pro’s at this and you just look stupid to them anyway. They’re bead pan handlers.

6. For optimum bead snatching coverage, be sure that at least one of your party is over six feet tall. (:wink: Steve)

7. Don’t look excited when the “floaties” are passing out business cards or throwing candy…that’s just a practice in amateurism.

8. Be careful when the “Bondage & Leather Pride” float goes by…those chains they throw could put your eye out.

9. “Dykes On Bikes” may look cool as hell, but they aren’t throwing beads. YIKES!!

10. If you see Drag Queens on a float approaching, don’t get too excited. Even if beads are involved, they always keep the good shit for themselves…and they throw like girls!!

Then there was the alcohol. Or lack of it. Due to my being such a lightweight these days, this is what I drank all weekend:

  1. One beer – I bought one. Take one, maybe two sips, then tell Seth to finish it off.
  2. Three Bloody Mary’s – the fourth one tasted so fucking salty I thought my head would cave in. So I told Seth to finish it off for me.

Pretty pathetic, I know. Oh, for the good ol’ days, right?


Call me an Old Fashioned, but I don’t seem to miss those days gone by when I’d get so drunk that I’d pass out in an ice-filled urinal. (true story)

I love this tank.Oh, there was also the shopping for the obligatory gay stuff. Maybe it was because of the pre-trip excitement, but somehow I managed to pack not nearly enough clothes. Who knew there would be more than three wardrobe changes per day? So we stopped into Union Jack on Cedar Springs for some hot little numbers.

If you’re in Dallas and in need of some flawless club clothes, this is the place for you to go.

We bought everything from cowboy hats (a la Backstreet Boys) to sunglasses to tanks & tops.

Then we went across the street to Skivies for the usual Dallas Pride t-shirts and undies. This place rapes you on jeans (c’mon…$97 for used jeans…how stupid do I look?!?!). Not to mention they had nothing for a guy of my short stature.

Oh, did I mention we got some great tans while roasting in the Dallas sun during the parade? I fried so bad that the slinky tank I was wearing (not the one in this picture) left a tan line that looks like I’m wearing a sports bra. Fortunately the number I’m wearing in this picture covered that horrid tan line perfectly. Though Seth did do an hourly check to make sure my tan line wasn’t peeking around any edges. He’s handy that way.

Did I mention we also decided to go to Six Flags on the day before the parade? Yeah, so we pay $37 each for tickets just to be able to stand in lines never seen before in Kansas City’s World’s of Fun. I damn near passed out from heat exhaustion waiting to get on the Batman ride…for real. I think we may have gotten to ride maybe 4 or 5 rides before closing. Thirty-seven dollars each just for that. Those tickets should have come with condoms because we all got screwed on that one.

But hey, it was all for the fun, right?

During the parade we were standing across the street from the media center with all the tv cameras and photographers (naturally). So we even appear on their video. We’re about 8 minutes into it and you’ll see me in a purple tank gawking, Seth in plum tank and hat yawning (?), Steve looking and Gina waving at someone she doesn’t know. Here’s the link to the video. Right after the gay balloon porcupines and the gay balloon rainbows.

This post is, of course, just the cliff notes on this trip. I’m sure Steve and Seth will fill in the blanks with their posts.

If I had to sum up the trip in one word, I suppose it would be “Ttppppptt!!!” And yes, it’s spelled correctly. It’s that little fart sound you make with your tongue squeezed between your lips and a little air behind it. Seth and I drove both Steve and Gina to the point of wanting to kill us because we decided to make that sound for all occasions…after they sneezed (called a “snart”), when she’d cross her legs (called a “quaart”), when someone would do a high-kick while dancing, etc.

For us, this alone meant hours of fun. For Steve and Gina, however, well I’ll just let them share their joy on that one.

Anyway, glad to be back and we’ll get back to posting now. Thanks for the emails.



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Help An Old Lady Out!!!

Posted by Daniel on September 18, 2007

A 70-year-old woman arrested in a dispute over her brown lawn pleaded not guilty Tuesday, then stood by as a Los Angeles lawyer waved handcuffs for the cameras outside court.

Betty Perry is charged with resisting arrest and failing to maintain her landscaping, both misdemeanors.

She was arrested July 6 after failing to give her name to a police officer who visited her home.

During a struggle, Perry fell and injured her nose. She spent more than an hour in a holding cell before police released her.

“I ask the citizens of Orem: How many of you would like to have your great-grandmother taken from her home with bruises and blood and placed in handcuffs for failing to water her lawn?” attorney and nationwide ambulance-chaser Gloria Allred said.

“Let’s bring sanity back to law enforcement,” she said.

The mayor and City Council apologized, and the police department said the situation could have been handled differently. But the city attorney still is pressing charges, and Perry is due back in court next month.

A state investigation found that Officer James Flygare acted properly in arresting Perry after trying to get her to cooperate.

Perry’s water had been turned off for about nine months, at her request, although she was living at the house at the time of the arrest. Orem has a shutoff policy for people who are away for extended periods.

I suppose my question is this:

Where the fuck are this woman’s neighbors???  She’s 70 years old and has no water.  There isn’t a single neighbor willing to help an old lay out???  This is such a lame town.  Bunch of so-called god fearing people who aren’t willing or can’t be bothered with helping an elderly lady out.  No.  Just let her get arrested and cuffed and bloodied and carted away.

Sometimes I really hate this apathetic country. 


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Forgive…Or Forget???

Posted by Daniel on September 14, 2007

The following is a GUEST POST submitted by loyal reader, Kirk G.

From time to time, I am party to some spirited discussions in our newsroom, as we  wrestle with ethical questions and how to approach certain stories.  I don’t have a lot of input into most of the stories we cover, but I do try to keep my ears open to catch the drift of how some stories are developing.

Recently, we’ve heard a national story erupt of a US Congressman who claims he did nothing wrong in an airport restroom several years ago.  I don’t know whether he did or not, nor whether his career is or should be at an end.  It certainly seems suspicious that he would have plead guilty to ANY charge when he considers himself innocent.  But the full story has not yet come out… and I am certain that to some degree, there is far more yet to come out… if he and the authorities let it.

Closer to home, there is a story of a former lawyer who plead guilty to charges several years ago and lost the ability to practice law in our state.  Now, many years later, after the appropriate legal hurdles have been satisfied, he has regained his law license.  (This is how I understand the background. There may be more details, but I am not aware of them all.)

Some people find it in appropriate that this individual, who would appear to be rebuilding his life and career, would be appointed to serve on an advisory board.  Although I have asked several times what is inappropriate about giving legal counsel or advice to a policy making board about how services are administered in our county, I have yet to hear a cogent explanation of WHY this would be a conflict of interest or a risk.

I have heard others claim that it is like the teaching profession.  That once convicted of an offense with a student, they  loose their teaching license, permanently, but that does not apply to this situation.  As I understand this, the lawyer will not be acting alone, with always be in concert with other professionals (doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators) in every sitting of the board.

My question is, When has this individual completed their debt to society?  If he has been granted a license to practice law again, why NOT allow him to earn a living?  Why NOT allow him to serve his community in a pro-mental health manner?  Is there something that I am overlooking or that has not been made clear to me?  WHY should he NOT be allowed to sit on this board?

Please don’t mis-understand.  I am not condoning his prior actions, nor the actions of anyone convicted of the offenses for which he was sentenced.  I simply point out that he has completed the prescribed sentence for what he plead to, and now, should be allowed to resume a career.

Or, do we want to support this person with our taxes and have ALL offenders permanently supported on the public dole?

It’s an interesting ethical question, and one that we could not come to agreement in our newsroom today.

What do you think?

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Dallas, Here We Come.

Posted by Daniel on September 13, 2007

We will be out of the office until Tuesday. Dallas Pride beckons and we’ve been invited by many who will be attending this event to join them in the festivities.

Who are we to decline such an auspicious request.

Steve, Seth and I will be accompanied by my long-time hag/friend, Gina for what is sure to be a weekend of entertainment and, as is usually the case with Gina and I, embarrassment.

Wardrobe ChangeSince we’ve elected to drive the 500+ miles there and back, the wardrobe changes for the drive alone will be many. I’m planning on something fabulous…a la Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

We will, of course, be taking pa-lenty of pictures of this adventure. Yes, to post the embarrassing ones here for your viewing (and hurling) pleasure.

But also because we are going to be meeting so many of our readers, both from here and also from our respective MySpace gawkers.

Anyway, got tons of things to do before the trip. Hell, I’ve still gotta pack and that steamer trunk full of shoes isn’t going to pack itself!!

See you all Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

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Soldiers Who Signed Anti-War Op-Ed Piece Die In Iraq

Posted by Daniel on September 12, 2007

Two U.S. soldiers whose signatures appeared on an op-ed piece in The New York Times critical of the war in Iraq were among seven Americans killed in a truck accident outside of Baghdad, family members said Wednesday.

Staff Sgt. Yance Gray and Sgt. Omar Mora were members of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Gray, Mora and five other soldiers died Monday when their truck overturned near the Iraqi capital, U.S. officials said.

Gray and Mora were among seven soldiers, mostly sergeants, who wrote the op-ed piece that appeared in the Times on August 19. It called the prospects of U.S. success “far-fetched” and said the progress being reported was being “offset by failures elsewhere.”

“Four years into our occupation, we have failed on every promise, while we have substituted Baath Party tyranny with a tyranny of Islamist, militia and criminal violence,” they wrote. “When the primary preoccupation of average Iraqis is when and how they are likely to be killed, we can hardly feel smug as we hand out care packages.”

Gray, 26, joined the Army out of high school in Ismay, Montana, in 2000, said his father, Richard Gray. Tance Gray is survived by a wife and daughter.

A relative at Mora’s family home in Texas City, Texas, confirmed his death but had no other comment.

In their article, Mora, Gray and their comrades wrote that American troops in Iraq are operating “in a bewildering context of determined enemies and questionable allies, one where the balance of forces on the ground remains entirely unclear.”

However, they concluded, “As committed soldiers, we will see this mission through.”

Another of the signers of the Times article, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Murphy, was shot in the head a week before the article appeared but survived.

Meanwhile, a top Iraqi official said he foresees a decrease in foreign troop levels to less than 90,000 by the end of 2009 as Iraq bolsters and readies its security forces to take over responsibilities now being shouldered by the U.S.-led coalition forces.

The U.S. troop increase this year, dubbed “the surge” by the Bush administration, added nearly 30,000 troops to Iraq. The number of U.S. troops at present is more than 160,000 and the number of other coalition forces is more than 11,000.

National Security Adviser Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, speaking at a Wednesday press conference, told reporters that by next year the number of foreign troops might drop to about 130,000, the pre-surge level, or to 100,000 troops.

“When we reach 2009, we could talk about numbers that are less than 90,000” among the Multi-National Force, said al-Rubaie, who emphasized that such withdrawals would depend on the security environment and troop readiness.

Al-Rubaie made the remarks a day after senior U.S. administration officials said that President Bush is prepared to embrace the recommendation of his top commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, and withdraw as many as 30,000 U.S. troops by next summer. 

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