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Boise-mian Rhapsody

Posted by Daniel on September 1, 2007

(to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody, with apologies to the memory of the immortal Freddie Mercury)

Forgive Me, Freddie.

This is the men’s room….

This is my “mantasy”…..

No clue what I might find…..

I’m divorced from reality.

Open the door

Wide stance on the floor, and peek….

I’m not a homo, I am right wing you see–

Still I’m a sleazy man, sleazy moves,

Tapping foot signals you–

Anything for man-sex, doesn’t really matter to me,

To me.


I just cruised a man,

Put my foot against his foot,

Now my senate seat’s kaput….


I just wanted dick,

And now they’re giving me the boot real quick….



Didn’t mean to lust for guys,

When I resign my senate seat tomorrow,

They’ll carry on, carry on,

My hypocrisy won’t matter….

Too late, the press has come,

Sending news across the wire

I wanted a “man for hire”…

Goodbye, reputation-Still I’m no homo!

Gotta leave D.C. behind, avoid the truth-



I don’t want to cry,

Sometimes I wished I’d never gone in that stall…..

I see a little silly gay man senator

He’s a douche, he’s a douche, he’s still wants some “mandango”!

Leathermen and drag queens, very very frightening he!

He’s a homo, he’s a homo

He’s a homo, he’s a homo

He’s a homo it’s for sure

But I’m just a poor man, and I just had to pee–

He’s a right wing man, loves Christianity…

Spare his career from this man-strosity!

Sleazy come, sleazy go..I am no homo!

By Barney Frank, no we will not let you go–No homo!

By Barney Frank, we will not let you go-No homo!

You’re a big homo–no homo!

You’re a big homo–no homo!

Homo homo homo homo homo!

Papa pia papa pia papa pia, I’m no mo!

Obscurity has a special place for kinds like me…like me…..

So he thought he could cruise a men’s room for a guy…

He just needed a quickie before he could fly…

Oh, press corps, can’t do this to him press corps,

He’s just gotta get out, gotta get out of D.C!!!

None if it would matter,

Anyone could see,

Nothing would have happened…

If he’d used a urinal

And peed.

Anything for man-sex………


One Response to “Boise-mian Rhapsody”

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