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A Night Of The Stage

Posted by Seth on November 6, 2007

For the past few months, Steve has been going to and from play practice. Daniel and I havn’t  seen too much  of him lately because of this. Daniel has made the rounds with Steve about practices and stuff for a few years now. I’m new to it. I was in theater at one point, and I know how demanding, stressful, and busy it can be. So I just decided to stay out of his hair while he’s doing this. I know how much concentration it takes.

After a couple months of practices, I’m wondering what the play is going to be about what part Steve plays in it. All I really know, up until this past weekend, is Steve is one of the lead characters. YAY for him! All last week we were planning a cast party for him and all his friends. We were busy all day Saturday getting ready for the party, going to the play, and then the party afterwards. Saturday was interesting to say the least! So here’s my take on the whole thing.

After cleaning and getting ready all day, Daniel and I went to the play. The performance was great, Steve was outstanding, but there was a few fall-backs. It’s almost expected to happen anytime you go to the theater, movies, or whatever. We had great seats, if you exclude the others sitting around us. To my immediate left was Jabba the Sleepy Slut. Ok, so she wasn’t a slut, but she was a BIG OLE GAL and she WAS sleepy! About two seconds after the lights dimmed, she passed out. I was distracted and really couldn’t pay much attention to the play because I was afraid the lady was going to suck me in! After I recognized this, I turned to Daniel to get his attention and he was already watching her. We had a good little chuckle over it. I think she heard us because she woke up while we were pointing and laughing. She didn’t fall asleep after that. Smart woman!

In front of Daniel was sitting some old guy with big fluffy hair. Daniel had to keep shifting around to see past the mountainous fro before him. I really don’t know how much he could see, I had a perfect view.

Anyway, we had to leave a few minutes early to finish preparing for the gathering. We rushed home as fast as we could. They would be there very soon. It turns out we were in a hurry to wait. They took a bit longer than we expected. So here we are, at home waiting. The cheese was boiling, the weenies were wrinkling, and the pizza’s were turning hard and gross. We were a little concerned that they were taking so long, so we grabbed a couple of beers. Daniel finally called him to see what the hold up was. It turns out things just took a bit longer than expected and they were leaving the theater right then. So we downed our beers and checked over everything.

 About 20 minutes later, EVERYONE showed up all at one time. I was a little overwhelmed and felt all of the sudden rushed. So, I grabbed another beer. It’s the heal-all for me.

 After introducing myself and meeting everyone, I stationed myself by Daniel and the food. We didn’t know hardly anyone, so we stood back, drank, and made fun of people. They’re all really nice, but NO ONE is safe from our humor. Before we knew it, we had plopped outside and were perfectly content getting drunk.

Pretty soon the night was over, people were leaving, and clean-up time was approaching us. Blah…I hate cleaning up when I’m drunk! Daniel got off his foot cause it was swelling out of his shoe, and Steve and I did the work. After that I went to check on Daniel, and he was pretty much out of it.

 Overall, it was a very good night. The play was great, Steve’s performance was outstanding, the food was good, and I got drunk. What more could I ask for?  Pictures maybe, but we were too drunk to remember that. Sorry for not having any!


2 Responses to “A Night Of The Stage”

  1. RevelKC2 said

    That’s okay, Seth…all my theatre friends were making fun of you two as well…:-)

  2. Kirk said

    What was the name of the play, Seth? “No Exit” by Godot?

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