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Job Jumping: It’s Just Not My Style

Posted by Seth on November 21, 2007

   Well, it’s been a week since I started my new job at the news station. I was all excited about it and very enthusiastic to start. It turns out that job was not what I expected.

   I may be a big baby and I may have complained a lot to Steve and Daniel, but that job was NOT what I had hoped! It was far from my expectations. They didn’t mislead me in my interviews or anything; I just got my hopes up too high. It just wasn’t what I wanted. I hate it that I just got the job and I left it. It’s TOTALLY out of my character to get a job and quit!

   The only thing that job had going for it was the pay. It was more than double what I was used to. Plus the benefits and it was full time.

   I was being dumbed down. I’m used to doing the jobs of, what I counted, 11 people! My old job trained me to be more of a multitasker and know more about how the news business works. I miss that! With this job, I didn’t have the physical, social, or mental outlet. Plus, the people there are not that pleasant. The few that are, I would never get to work with them. Everyone keeps to themselves and that’s it.

   So, what did I do? I started looking again. I’ve never been a job jumper, but I had to get out of there! I was NOT going to waste my time at a job I hated. More power to anyone who can stick it out, but I need more than what they had to offer. I like being the happy go lucky Seth.

   Last Friday I interviewed at a portrait studio. I was really excited about it! The people are great, the pay is great, the hours, time off, etc… This job has so much more to offer me! Yesterday I got the call and they offered me the job. YAY! So, I took it. I start Monday.

   I feel bad for leaving the station after one week, but again, I’m not going to stay at a job where I’m not happy. Luckily I’m getting out before they have to cover my shift. I was still in training.

   So yeah…I quit my job for another. It was a move I’m not going to apologize for.


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