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Christmas Drama…What’s In Your Stocking?

Posted by Seth on December 20, 2007

Merry Fucking Christmas!Well, the debate is over. I’m going home for Christmas. It’s been a question in everyone’s head for a little while now. Up until the past couple days, the problem was I wanted to be in two places at once. I can’t very well do that unless I cut myself in half and either send my legs home or leave them here for the cats to lap up the Christmas blood. I can’t do that, I’m not done with my legs just yet.

Like I said, up until the past couple days, this was the only debate going on. About two days ago, I was on the phone with my brother and he said my mom was bawling her eyes out because I wasn’t going to be home. I’ll let you know a little about my relationship with my mom. She and I could be considered best friends. I’m her only child she can talk to about ANYTHING because I’m the only understanding one. I can talk to her about anything because, well…she’s my mom. Not only this and our twisted senses of humor, I adore my mom. She is everything to me. It broke her heart when I moved. She just wanted her baby home for Christmas.

This wasn’t a great factor in me going home, but it pushed me a little bit.

The major reason why I’m going home is for two reasons. One because after the first of the year I WILL find a freakin job! I may not have the time or money to go home any time soon. So, I figured I should take advantage of this while I can.

The second reason, to at least TRY and finalize things with my wife. Talk shit out, figure out a solution, or something! I’m tired of the stress and I’m tired of her being stressed too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be going home, and you think she would be to.

It was either drive 800 miles or risk flying at Christmas. Driving would cost at least $300 in gas alone! There ain’t no way in HELL I can do that! So, I chose to fly. It’s half the price. The cheapest flight I could get only allowed me to be home for a total of 4 days. My mom is happy she gets to see me and so isn’t the wife. The only problem is, it’s not long enough.

Why can’t I get a longer stay?

Why does it have to be so short?

We won’t get to spend time together!

Yes we will! Unless you keep bitching me out because you got what you wanted and it’s not good enough! I finally told her either take it or leave it because I can cancel the flight!

Anyway, this should be an interesting Christmas. It’s going to compare with last year. Last year we had split up a week before Christmas…on our 1st wedding anniversary. Yeah…Merry Fucking Christmas to THAT!

I’ll be back with word from the hills after Christmas. Have a great Holiday everyone and may it be full of fun, laughter, and less drama than what I’ve invited in my life.

Damn you Santa!!!


2 Responses to “Christmas Drama…What’s In Your Stocking?”

  1. Kirk said

    Or worse, do you film them yourself?

  2. Kirk said

    Where do you find these wonderful pictures and videos that you keep sharing? Are they coming from websites, or are they out of your personal collection?

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