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23 Little Ways

Posted by Daniel on February 7, 2008

Till death do us part…

Far too often, everyday life consumes us and we forget the important things in life. We stress out about every little thing, we take advantage of the little, important things, we forget how to have fun, and we even for get how to say I love you to someone.

We keep ourselves so busy and involved with work or whatever, our relationships can easily die. Loved ones, friends, partners, husbands, wives, whoever, they eventually lose touch with each other. It really is a sad thing to see and go through.

I’ve always tried to help others, if allowed to. I hate seeing a failed relationship. So, in one of my little ways of trying to help out, I’ve gathered a list of 23 little ways to tell someone you love them. Try some, or all, of them and see what happens.


Ex: Your underwear in their car seat or a dirty picture of yourself in their briefcase (where others won’t see but you know they will).

  1. Write a message on/with their food.
    Ex: Breakfast toast, heart shaped cookie cutter
  2. Leave a note under their pillow.
    Ex: Welcome to bed. I’ve warmed up the sheets for you

    Let her know you love her every morning.

  3. If they go away for a trip, whatever, for a few days, buy them a gift every day they’re gone.
  4. Leave notes like sexy letters, jokes, small articles, or cartoons for them in their underwear drawer.
  5. Write a message on the bathroom mirror for them. When they take a shower and it steams up, they’ll see it.
  6. Brag about them when you’re out with friends.
  7. Highlight words in their dictionary that describe them.

    Highlight words in the dictionary to describe them or your how you feel about them.

  8. Put toothpaste on their toothbrush for them and leave it for them for the next morning.
  9. DVR or TiVo their favorite shows, or something they would like, for them.
  10. Get their coffee for them in the morning and deliver it to them in bed.
  11. Get up the same time they do in the morning. While they’re getting ready for work, help them by gathering their things to shorten their rushed time.
  12. Do favors for each other.
    Ex: Charge their cell phone, put car keys in the same place so they don’t get lost, keep track of something they’re always losing or misplacing.
  13. Set up the bathroom for them so the things you know they’ll use are right there for them.
  14. Change the banner on their cell phone or their screen saver on their computer.
  15. Send short emails back and forth telling the other what you’re thinking at that moment.
    Ex: A song that reminds you of them.
  16. Set out your clothes the night before so you don’t wake them when you’re getting ready for work the next morning.
  17. On a “special night”, put Post-It notes along the hallway wall with arrows pointing to the bedroom.
  18. When you or them are leaving for work, kiss each other three times for I love you. Make sure they know this so it doesn’t seem like you’re JUST kissing three times.

    Let him know you love him.

  19. Place items around the house that show your sexual side.
  20. In the winter, or on cold mornings, start their car for them and warm it up.
  21. Every time they do something out of the ordinary, like taking out the trash or the dishes, give them a big bear hug; say “Thank you honey, I love you!” Follow it up with a kiss.
  22. Do some of their least favorite chores for them.

  23. Tell them every single day, I love you!

    Isn’t that special!!!


4 Responses to “23 Little Ways”

  1. Kevin B said

    Seth, did you real write all this yourself, or are you just copying it from somewhere else?

  2. Kirk said

    Upon review, #8 could backfire!
    Think about it!

  3. Kirk G said

    I know someone is starting to think about V-day next week…. got any plans, Seth???

  4. Daniel said

    I thought of another one…

    When they walk up to you while you’re working in your office and hold out an article of clothing they plan to wear, and say, “This might be a weird question, but do these stink?”

    If you love them, you sniff, lie by telling them “No” and then proceed to spray the clothes with Fabreeze.

    If they get mad at you for lying to them about the clothes stinking, remind them that they asked you the stupid question, and then call them fat…just to avoid an argument.

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