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Apples To Apples

Posted by Daniel on February 29, 2008

Hey, it beats paintballing mailboxes…

Apples to Apples are fun! I heart Apples to Apples!

Okay, that pithy observation was written by Seth.  Yeah, stand aside Walt Whitman, his talents as a wordsmith know no bounds.

He does, however, have a good point…albeit in a Romper Room sort of way.

Last weekend after bowling, he and I went over to Scott’s house because bowling had ended sooner than normal, and none of us were ready to go to bed.  So Scott tells us he’s got a new game that he’s been dying to try out.

Note:  We’re kinda dorks and love to play games.  And since none of us has a usable set of Chutes and Ladders, we figured what the hell.

If you’re not familiar with Apples To Apples, it’s sort of a word association game.You are dealt seven cards with random words, names and places on each.  Someone draws a different kind of card, reads off the word on it and everyone is supposed to choose – from their hand of seven cards – the word they think most closely defines or matches that word.

I know what you’re thinking…”BO-RING!!!”  Not so.  Especially when you twist the rules a bit and try not to be all Wikipedia with it.  We like to put a little flair (not to mention sick twisted flair) into it.

It’s Seth again…

They wouldn’t have known how you’re supposed to play it if it wasn’t for me. And when I say supposed, I mean the more fun way to play! Instead of suiting the best word to the word read aloud, I told them to just choose a word that makes no sense. For example…

The word:

A card from your hand such as:
Rhino or Yellow Fever

You just choose the most random card or something completely opposite. It makes the game go by slower, only because of interjected laughter, but it’s more fun.

My cousin and I had this game. When I was living with her, we would have people over ALL the time to play this. We turned it into a drinking game. Whoever didn’t win that round had to drink. Needless to say we went through beer pretty damn fast! Also, to change it up, we would take the blank cards in the deck and write on them whatever we wanted. You can also do this with cards that are already printed. For example…

The word:
Monty Python

You rewrite:
My Monty Python sized dick.

You get the gist. When you play it like this, it makes it very interesting. Use your own humor or things that are funny to only you and your friends.

It’s Daniel again…Seth!!  What did I tell you about typing naughty words on my fucking blog?!?!

So anyways…

Apparently we loved playing this game so much, that that shut-in telecommuter Scott has begun the email version of this game with Seth and I.  I won the first round, so it was my turn to give the word.. I chose Antidisestablishmentarianism…you know, to keep it interesting and lighthearted.

No one’s responded to that one yet.


So, if you’re into playing games (and I don’t mean the internet mind games), this one comes highly recommended.

Now, I’ll give you all a word….



2 Responses to “Apples To Apples”

  1. Kirk G said

    PS: Happy Sade Hawkins day to all….
    you know, Leap day!

  2. Kirk G said

    Now that does sound fun….

    just how did you get the Monty Python group to grab dick, anyway????

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