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Call Me Crazy But…

Posted by Daniel on April 16, 2008

So I started this new job this past January 30th.

Seems Seth and I both were able to find full-time work at pretty much the same time…but in two very different places.

I left it up to him to better describe the details of his newly gained employment…which he did in a previous post.

Mine is a great job, if not a smidgeon on the stressful side.

See, I work in the Business Office at a type of “nursing facility”.  I use the ” ” because when people hear the type of residents that reside here, they raise their eyebrows.  This facility takes care of those with mental issues, which require medications to keep them from harming themselves or others.

And let me tell you, it may be stressfull here, but it’s never dull.

My particular job description is Human Resources – A/P – Payroll and Resident Trust.

The first three are pretty self-describing, but the latter is what keeps things here interesting. 

Resident Trust means that I am, in effect, the resident’s bank.  I have to keep my door open during the same hours as any bank that you might go to.  Now, here’s where it gets fun.

These residents only have so much $$.  And it comes in at the same time each month.  It’s always amazing…these folks – most of the time – couldn’t tell you their names, but every one of them seem to know when the first of the month is here.

And that’s where it get’s hairy…

“Do I have any money?”

“Is my money here yet?”

“I need some money.”

“What do you mean I don’t have any money?!?”

Now, there are 90+ residents here, and each of them comes to my door at least nine to ten times a day.  Even when they are either given money or are told it’s not in yet.  Without fail, I will get interrupted by them every minute or two.

Factor that into a day where I also maintain payroll for 200+ employees, who are constantly coming in asking that I make corrections to their time because they forgot to time in/out.

Then there’s also Accounts Payable, which keeps me hopping every second either paying bills or tracking invoices down on the phone.

Oh, and Human Resources.  I take care of their health/medical/dental/life and vision insurance.  This is a fun little merri-go-round.  Plus there’s keeping up with employee benefits, perks, vacation and sick time.  Mix in maintaing and updating corporate procedures (and enforcing them).

So my days are pretty well up to my nipples with stress.

How do I maintain?


Die! Die! DIE!!!

I laugh…a lot.  At anything and everyone.  And I do my best to keep them all laughing…or at  least smiling.

But that time is rapidly growing short.

In 38 days, I’ll be leaving this job because I’m moving to California to start a new life. 

And both the residents – who’ve all come to refer to me as either “Banker” or “Mr. Money”  (a few call me Daniel also, but that’s only when they’re all “there”)  – and the staff here are PISSSSSSSSED!!!!!

It’s always a great compliment when you work at a job for a short period (especially this short) and you’ve helped make things better for those around you.  I’ve heard many times that I’ve run one of the best Business Offices in this facility in YEARS.  So that’s why I understand why everyone keeps telling me not to go…or words to that effect…

“Please Stay.”

“Why are you leaving?”

“What’s California got that we don’t??”

“Burn in hell.”

“Take me with you.”

“Eat shit & die!!”

“Who’s gonna give me my moneeeyyy???”

I’m really going to miss this place and the people here.  Now, not only am I leaving my long-time friends here in Kansas City, but now a bunch of crazy folks whom I’ve come to care about very much and very quickly.

I have to go now…it’s medication time.


2 Responses to “Call Me Crazy But…”

  1. Seth said

    The few time’s I’ve gone in with you, it’s been very interesting, to say the least! Everyone there seems to love you! Even that big-ole-girl that looked like a rainbow shit on her head!

    I’ll miss going in with you and everyone asking “Is that your son?” That usually gets a giggle out of me.

    Oh, and I didn’t say “Burn in Hell!” Yes, that is my tone, but I, unfortunatly, can’t take the credit for that one. Though I did tell Daniel the other day “eat shit and die!” That usually gets me through the day when I can say that to someone.

  2. Kevin B said

    You can’t fool me…
    All those quotes at the end were all from Seth…
    Especially the “Burn in Hell” one…
    I recognise his tone….

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