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Down But Not Out

Posted by Daniel on July 2, 2008

Well, it’s been a month now and still no luck finding work. Since Seth & I relocated here to Fresno, we’ve collectively submitted our resumes hundreds of times and filled out as many applications. The sucky part is that all the applications have to be filled out online.

I hate this process!! It takes – on average – 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete their apps. Mostly because of their crappy websites. But you muddle through each one because you’re desperate. Then you realize they’ve asked for your resume first and then every question on the app is already answered on the resume…and they ask the same questions over and over on different sections of the app.

Fine…I’ll jump through your multi-redundant hoops. After all, you must be serious about the job…why else would you want so much information so many times?!?!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to hire us…?

Okay, so we had some fun!!!

Then you wait for the response from them to come to your email.

And you wait…

And you wait…

And you wait…

Sometimes, though, you get a response back within minutes!! How great is that?? Then you click on it and they’ve inserted a link for you to click on to go to the next stage. And that link takes you to a page that shows you what a fantastic job it is and all the delicious benefits you will be getting and as you keep scrolling down, your nipples are getting harder and you’re getting wetter because you just know what you’ll do with all that money when it starts rolling in. Honestly, they make it sound like little short people dressed like lawn jockey’s are going to walk up to your front door every hour with a silver plate loaded with cash!!!

Then, at the bottom of this “completely credible” response/offer, you read just how much money you have to send them in order to get the rest of the information.

“Obviously, this site has a nominal, one-time fee of $39.95 in order to weed out the window shoppers and for running everything but you will be making that back ASAP if you’re serious.”

So far, every response I have received has had the same “one-time fee”.

Maybe it’s just me and I’m just being too petty or picky. But I simply refuse to PAY an employer to hire me!! I’d rather have my balls pounded flat with a mallet than do that.

See, I fell for that “offer” once before and got burned by it. Sent them their “one-time fee” of $39.95 and after 2 1/2 months, got their material in the mail. It consisted of a brochure of all their training manuals and literature, which you also had to pay for. I fought with those assholes for months to refund my money, but never heard from them again. They could have at least put a condom in the envelope with the brochure, since they knew they were going to screw me.

One good thing so far has been that I’ve been able to show Seth some sights. Most recently we went down to L.A. for the weekend to visit some friends (who are fantastic hosts), Bill & Shawn, and also spend some much-needed time with Scott who was there visiting from Missouri. We have been missing him so much and were giddy when we finally got down there.

Last Sunday, we all went down to San Diego to go visit the zoo. What a blast that was. The weather was perfect, the food was over-priced, we got some web video recommendations from a guy who looked just like Freddie Mercury and I got to know that Bill has the same twisted sense of humor as I do.

The following are a few pics from there…

A natural gay obcession.

These are my favorites!!!

Seth seems into beastiality, yes?

Smells like love to me.

Our hosts…Shawn & Bill.

We are gorgeous!!!

In front of the sign.

What’d you expect???

Yeah…it was a pretty nice distraction from the daily grind of job-hunting. And the timing couldn’t have been better.

Now I need to get my ass back to filling out useless and redundant applications.

Wish us luck.



2 Responses to “Down But Not Out”

  1. Cameron said

    Welcome to California !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe our paths will pass one day. That Seth just gets cuter by the day, doesn’t he? LOL


  2. Kirk said

    I hear that they are hiring at the San Diego Zoo.
    They need someone to keep that Gorilla satisfied!

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