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Wall of Confusion

Posted by Daniel on July 16, 2008

I know exactly what some will say after they read the following, and to them I say, “At least I had the balls to try.”

I’m referring, of course, to this grand experiment we called ‘moving to California’.  So much has gone bad in just 6 weeks that I hardly know where to begin…

But before I go headlong into this tirade about the shit California has handed us up to now, I do want to point out that there have been some fantastic memories as well.

Things like:

  • Going to the lake with Terry & Theresa on their boat.
  • Spoiling the cat (Pepper) that Terry and Theresa love to ignore (they’re dog-lovers).
  • Getting to see Scott here in CA along with Bill & Shawn.
  • Seeing the San Diego zoo again, this time seeing it through Seth’s eyes.  Made it fun again.
  • Learning that I do, in fact, actually love hot tubs…so long as it’s attached to a heated salt-water pool.
  • Watching Seth learn how to ski.
  • Seeing my family…well, most of them.
  • The fantastic tans we got since we’ve been here.
  • And so much more…

Yeah, there have been lots of laughs, but one thing I noticed and so did Seth…I was painting on a lot more smiles than I wanted to admit.  Because I’ve been so worried and stressed out.

Don’t get me wrong, I moved here with no delusion that it was all going to be poppy’s and golden hills and surfboards.  We knew understood that it could very well take a bit of time before we landed jobs.  We both knew that we were making this move on the VERY limited funds I was able to scrape together.  (by the way, the fact that we were able to stretch those funds as far as we have is also something I’m very proud of)

Hell, we even joked several times about finding the perfect overpass with a white picket fence and room for several cardboard boxes…you know…for guest rooms.

But the reality of this move appears to have become larger than life.  A wall I just couldn’t scale no matter how stubborn or determined I thought I was.

First off, thanks to the economic times, jobs are disappearing faster than brownies at a Whitney Houston bake sale.  We each literally apply online for about 100 jobs every morning (that’s 100 EACH), then go to whatever interview(s), then patiently fill out more online apps while waiting for the phone to ring.  The only people seriously advertising for jobs are the spammers who want you to pay THEM to teach you how to get a phony job like theirs.

We are getting turned down for reasons (honestly, these are some of their actual reasons) such as:

  • “We really need people who can speak Spanish.”
  • “We’d just feel more comfortable with a woman in that position.” (receptionist/data entry)
  • “The General Manager was unimpressed with your credit score.”  (the job having nothing to do WITH credit or money)
  • “You’re overqualified for this position.”
  • “You’re under-qualified.”  (for the same position elsewhere)
  • “If you were only taller.”  (I’d never heard that one before)
  • “We’ve already filled that position.”  (the ad just hit that morning)

But you know, I could be patient with that even with the obvious underhanded insults and razor-close breeches with reverse discrimination.

Then there’s medication.  See I have to get on California’s version of medical aid – at least until I can get a job that can pay for it – and so far that has proven to be a nightmare and an experiment in futility.

Last Friday, Seth and I spent over seven hours downtown just seeing a doctor (who looked and sounded like Kris Kattan from SNL) who, after an embarrassing FULL exam, sent me downstairs to get the prescriptions he’d made out.  Downstairs is the pharmacy for that particular office…and Seth and I waited over 4 hours for them to fill that Rx.  Guess what…I got 5 pills.  Four + hours for 5 pills!!  And they wanted me to keep coming down every 5 days for 7 hours to do the same thing.

With no choice, Seth and I went down there again today and this time it only took 6 hrs 15 min.  So we’re getting there.  At this rate, though, my health will start to go downhill very fast.  It seems due to California’s vast number of people in need of prescription help and physician care, you really do have to hurry up and shut up and wait for hours (mostly all day) before you see any results.  Even then there are no promises you’ll get what you need until the next day.  Oh, I got the rest of this months’ pills today, sure, but it took ALL day to do it and several appointments.  And all of this is taking place in what can only be described as the most horrible of County facilities that are so unclean and full of people, neither Seth not I DARED even sit in a chair…mostly because three of them had pools (yes, POOLS) of urine in them!!!

I’m not trying to sound all uppity or better than others.  Not in the least.  But I refuse to sit in urine (yes, POOLS!!) in some GAWD-awful waiting room.  I’d rather stop taking medications altogether and waste away to nothing.  I’m not pretentious, but I do have standards.

Here’s a good one for you…here they actually use your credit score as a litmus test for hiring.  No matter what kind of job it is, if you have less-than-perfect credit, you are shit outta luck on getting a job here.  They say that your credit tells employers what kind of person you are and seriously you look at life.

I say (and you can feel free to disagree with me) that’s bullshit!!  These days good people across this country are getting screwed ten ways to Sunday and their credit is taking the brunt of the hits.  With the economy in it’s current shape, the only people NOT looking at “less-than-perfect” credit are those turning others down for employment who also happen to make over six figures annually.

So yeah, it’s been hard as hell trying to get a life of any kind started here.  Though we are determined to succeed, each day that passes leads us closer to a possible trip back to Kansas City.  And it’s one that I am loathe to make.

Should this prove to be the case, however, we will arrive back in KC with heads held high, rather than tails between our legs.  Because we did something very few people either can do or dare to do…we took a leap for a better life.  It may not have been meant to happen at this time or in this place.  But we got to make the effort.  We dared to dream, even if the dream turned out to be a short-term nightmare.

Better planning.

Better financing.

Better credit (assholes!!).

Better timing.

Better economy.

Better get some more ibuprophen…it’s already giving me a headache. 


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