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Be It Ever So Crappy…

Posted by Daniel on September 26, 2008

Because Breaking Bad NEws Is What We're All About

Because Breaking Bad News Is What We're All About

Yes, Puppets, there’s no place like home.

Or in this case, an apartment.

After months of searching desperately for jobs and each of us working for Jack In The Box while waiting for the ones we have now, we can now move into our own apartment.

So while this post is short, savor it, because while we are getting moved over this weekend, we will also be waiting for the internet to be connected to the new place. So we will be stepping away from the keyboards for a very short intermission.

Please be patient with us during this relocation process. We promise to get back online VERY soon.

Oh, and just as a heads up, for our housewarming, we are registered at Big Bob’s Thrift Store & Goat Cheese Squeezin’s” and also at “Sharper Image”. No, not the actual store “The Sharper Image”, but the eyeglass repair shop that sold us these cool 3D rose-colored glasses.

Anyway, we’ll be back with you shortly. In the mean time, please feel free to leave comments and words of praise. We feed on that shit, ya know.

Daniel & Seth


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California Has Changed Us…

Posted by Daniel on September 23, 2008

Honey, does this color make me look fat???

Honey, does this color make me look fat???

LOL…No, not this much!!

I just loved this picture and wanted to show it off. Of course it isn’t us, though we’re just as creative, but I’d love to hang out with these guys. I’ll bet they have some lovely stories to tell about Arts & Crafts Day at the school for the Butch.

See, I heard several times before Seth and I moved here to Fresno, CA that this state would change us. That we’d become just another pair of screaming California liberal hippie tree hugging you-know-whats. Hell, Seth heard this from many people back in the East.

I felt bad that he had to shoulder such a burden of trying to convince everyone that he was going to be alright. After all, where he comes from, this picture pretty much sums up what those folks think of California. Hell, half of America still thinks this is what California is all about.

This just isn’t true.

Say what you will, but this state is just as religious and conservative as any other state. Don’t let the hype about Than Franthithco & Hollywood fool you. Spend some time here and you’ll see that in many areas here, liberals are in the minority.

Now there were a lot of people worried about both of us going all freaky, and losing our moral compasses and beliefs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, we have remained steadfast in our beliefs and, through the past four months of struggle trying to find work, financial, family, trying to start a life and everything else related to making such a move, we are all the stronger.

Bring It On, California!!!

We’ve finally become gainfully employed. We are very close to getting what we’re calling a “starter apartment”, we’ve made a truly awesome collection of new friends that our BFF’s back East will love!!

We’ve struggled every single day (no exaggeration) trying to gain a foothold here during what is probably the ugliest time (economically) in our lives. There have been many temptations to take the easy way around things, such as unemployment and other crutches.

(don’t get me wrong about unemployment…many people use it wisely and as their only means to make it…I just chose to fight my way through this without going that route)

We both chose to fight the good fight. We wanted jobs…BOTH of us…and we weren’t about to give in or give up.

There were many times we would just get so frustrated with going one step forward only to be yanked fifteen steps backward by some idiotic snafu at a payroll office or agency or multiple interviews that lead to absolutely nowhere.

We blamed Fresno.

We blamed California.

We blamed Arnold & Maria (that “When Can You Start”? commercial was a LIE!!!).

We blamed the economy.

We blamed people around us.

None of this seemed to solve the problems and all getting angry about it accomplished was to fill us with so much negativity that between the tears we’d lose hope and emotional fortitude.

Well no more.

Many lessons have been learned since we moved here. Some were hard to take, because we lost some friends along the way due to distance making assumptions seem easier to believe. But there have been some good lessons as well.

1. We no longer take anything for granted. What we have now is what we’ve worked our asses off for. It might not be much at the moment, but guess what, it’s earned and it’s ours.

2. Doing without…while it sucks out loud, it’s taught us that we can survive on very little when necessary and we can stretch a dollar so far you’d think it was made of rubber.

3. Even if you have little to no money, volunteer your time to worthy causes. The results have been worth their weight in gold.

4. When we spend time with our friends, it’s like taking little mini-vacations. Just don’t ask us for a postcard or a fridge magnet…it would probably just be of a cocktail umbrella.

5. Film Festivals (thanks Reel Pride) Rule!!!

There’s more that we’ve learned, but you get the idea.

Our next step is to get our own apartment. Anyone got any ideas on good, safe and cheap starter places?

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I Forgot What I Was Gonna Say…

Posted by Daniel on September 16, 2008

You know, it’s funny. I love going online and finding off-color pictures (nothing x-rated, just funny) and saving them for JUST the right post. This tends add zing to any particular post/topic.

I've forgotten more than you'll ever know!!!

I've FORGOTTEN more than you'll ever KNOW!!!

Take this little gem as a for-instance. The first time I saw it was online about 2 months ago and it made me laugh to the point of getting moist. Yeah, I tinkled a little.

It never occurred to me that it would come back to haunt me two months later. Honestly, the irony scares me a little.

Once I finally (underline that several times) landed an accounting job, it took me a little while to connect the picture to the job.

As a matter of fact, I was even joking about my job earlier today with Seth (texting) during lunch. He asked me how my day was going and I told him I was trying to get some games started with the residents. I was debating between “Hide & Seek” and “Concentration” or “Connect The Dots” and “Trivial Pursuit”.

The punchline of this being that I am an accountant for an Alzheimer’s Care Facility.

Don’t yell, I am famous for finding the funny in everything…and you were warned about my humor!!

Now before any of you start complaining or sending vicious comments about how ashamed I should be, keep in mind I would never say anything like this in front of a resident or co-worker.

So don’t send complaints, m’kay?

Besides, in an environment like that, you have to do what you can to keep from letting it pull you down emotionally.

But anyway, I am really enjoying my new job. I got a brand new desk, PC and all the office trimmings that I could have heaped upon me. Including a little something I’ve missed SO MUCH…

Like Water and Food To Me
Like Water and Food To Me

Anyone who really knows me understands that I am a Post-It FANATIC!! And now I have a new office to plaster with what usually is, for lack of a better term, my memory. And baby’s, if you DON’T know me, observe my world…

Jazzing Up The Conference Room

Jazzing Up The Conference Room

Subtle, but getting there...

Call It Nu-Voh-MY-GAWD!!!

Call It Nu-Voh-MY-GAWD!!!

Sorry Neighbor!!!

Sorry Walt!!!

Now THIS is what my brain looks like!!!

Now THIS is what my brain looks like!!!

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A Window Opens

Posted by Daniel on September 10, 2008

Oh, how I've missed Cubicle Prairie Dog Town!!

Oh, how I've missed Cubicle Prairie Dog Town!!!

When a co-worker (who is always a bit more on the cheery side than folks like us care to see early in the morning) chimed out, “Happy Hump Day, Daniel” (in that annoyingly chirpy voice she has), naturally I replied (in a way I’m famous for), “Okay.”

Little did I know, this truly would be a happy hump day indeed. For I knew that after I got off work at noon, I had to get shaved, showered and dressed up for an interview for an agency that places accountants. Big deal, I thought, as it looked no better as a prospect than the 1500+ (no kidding, that’s how many resumes I’ve sent out) rejections before.

I went in, had the interview, took the accounting test (aced it, by the way…yeah me) and within five minutes after completing the online test, was told I start work tomorrow at an actual company that doesn’t require me to say, “Would you like regular or curly fries with that?”

Now I just have to break the news to my now-ex boss who, even on a good day, seems stressed to the point of snapping. This is not a lady that takes bad news easily. And she’s really going to hate trying to find someone else desperate enough to do what I was doing for only $8 an hour. Not to mention all the burns I received…seriously, I now have visible scars from all the hot grease that was splashed on me by co-workers.

But I don’t want to concern myself on her reaction. What, she’s going to try to convince me not to take a job that pays better, has better hours, weekends off and benefits?

Trust me, I only LOOK stupid…I ain’t REALLY stupid.

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Style Versus Substance

Posted by Daniel on September 6, 2008

I don’t know if you’ve been made aware of this lately, but there is an election coming up that could very well make or break the future for all of us.

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party or Joe Lieberman – It doesn’t matter what party you’re a member of or even leaning towards, one thing is certain…

Unless its’ the “Global Party“, we’re all screwed.

And since these elections seem to laugh out any other party from running in General Elections, we are stuck with a choice between two steaming piles of shit. The only true difference between them is the smell.¹

Though I was, admittedly, one of the many disgruntled “Hillar-ites” (PUMA), I’ve come to accept (begrudgingly) that I may vote for Obama/Biden. I’m over the bitterness of my gal not winning the nomination – though I will ALWAYS be impressed and proud of her historic run – and am willing to open up to whatever it is that Obama is trying to sell. But I have to also admit, I still want to be dazzled by him. I still need to somehow be convinced that he can/will turn this topsy-turvey planet around.

No small feat when you consider the eight years that the Republican party has allowed Bush and his administration to essentially wipe their asses with the Constitution, Geneva Conventions and all scientific documentation. Then they proceeded to throw the muddy remains at the rest of the world, yelling “Eat shit and die!!”

Honestly, I really don’t even mind so much when Bush yells out, “We’re #1!! We’re #1!!” But does he really have to keep using the middle finger to punctuate this?

I wonder how he'd taste with garlic?

I wonder how he'd taste with garlic?

Don't piss this librarian off.

A melanoma away from the Resolute Desk.

On the other hand, there’s McCain/Palin. GAWD this prospect scares the bejeebus out of me!! What will be her main role as Vice-President…official holder of the sunscreen?? Seriously, between the two of them, he’s so white he’s gotta stay out of the sun or else he’ll burst into flames. And she, coming from Alaska, sees so little night time (sunlight averaging 19 – 21 hours a day) that if you turn off the lights she’d probably glow.

I don’t know if I’m more afraid of their views as a whole, his age/health, her lack of any tangible (and national/international) experience, his temper or just the complete McCain/Palin package.

Then there’s that loose cannon, Joe Biden. While I love his down-to-earth style and disdain for lobbyists, he can still be a bit off-the-cuff when it comes to questions and statements. I’d just hate to see a campaign tripped over the verbal-shoestrings due to gaff after gaff after gaff.

True, gaffs happen all the time, even by the most seasoned politicians and orators. But in an election as important as this one is, when we say we need all the help we can get, that includes keeping their personal opinions (the catty ones, at least) to themselves and stay on issue.

I realize that everyone seems excited about the upcoming historic relevance of this election – either it’s going to be the first African-American President or the first female Vice-President (though I’m still a little grumpy we couldn’t have BOTH) – and we’re all supposed to be riding high on that history-making day in November. And I, too, am proud that this historic day is finally coming. It’s about time, I say.

But I’m afraid the true historic relevance will be drowned out due to that mentioned above. There is a golden opportunity to solve so very many problems this time around, both here at home and abroad. Mistakes can be corrected. Wrongs can be righted. Wars can be ended and the subsequent terrorist threats can be thwarted. The economy can recover globally. The environment can be saved from peril. The poor uplifted, the unhealthy cared for and/or cured, the uninsured covered, religion out of politics, and so on and so on.

The first hundred days of either new administration could mean progress made on an unprecedented level. But the media – both right and left-leaning – will spend that first four years focusing not on what is or isn’t being done for the good of ALL man, but what is or isn’t being accomplished by the first African-American President or by the crazy old albino and his female Vice-President.

I know I’ve been out of the political fray for some time now, distracted by my own life’s events and melodramas. But through it all, I’ve been keeping one good eye fixed on the goings-on in the political world as well as the world at-large. And though I’m not some deity looking down from on high at the scurryings of the minions down below, I have a stake in all of this equal to everyone else on the planet. And I say it that way because everyone on this planet has a genuine concern in who gets elected President here in the US and what either of them do with their time in office.

Truth be told, none of the above four people are what I consider either Presidential material or up to the task. Further, I can’t even say that Hillary would have been either. But this is the choice we are left with when there are no viable incumbent candidates who’ve sat in the chairs. This will be the first election since 1928 without an incumbent running in the primaries from either party. The election of 1952 was the last election without an incumbent running in the general election.²

Fifty six years since no incumbent candidates. That’s also some history.

(¹) – From Lewis Black – “Red White & Screwed

(²) – From Election Geek


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Do I Have A Case…?

Posted by Seth on September 5, 2008

Ok, Daniel and I are running into some serious legal matters here. We are coming across an individual, not mentioning any names, who has made threats, told lies, and publicly threatened me. We are seeking legal advice, but I would really like to hear from you readers.

A couple posts ago, written by me, titled “Goodnight Pillow”. It mentions no names and threatens no one. It was completely harmless, my thoughts, and my opinions. A very rude and threatening comment was posted on it. The following is a screen shot of THE ACTUAL comment this person posted. The message is in my email. The blacked out portions are to protect this person’s name, email, screen name, and IP address.

Screen Shot of Email

Screen Shot of Email

I did not provoke this and I did not ask for this person’s opinion. This person willingly chose to publicly threaten me and cause bodily harm to me. This person also continues to make threats to Daniel and me. We have copies of all the emails.

We do have a very good, strong case. This person is held libel for writing this, has publicly threatened bodily injury to me, and is continuing to threaten and harass us. The reason why I am coming to you, the public, is to ask of your opinion. I want to know what you think about this matter.

As a side note, I do not want any contact from, or see a comment(s) coming from, the person who wrote this email to me, or Daniel, in any way, shape, or form. I will consider it further harassment.


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Make A Wish…Blow It Out

Posted by Daniel on September 4, 2008

You wanna know the best thing about birthdays after you’ve passed the 40-year mark?

Me too.

I Can Relate.

Today I hit the 45-year mark. Which is still ten years away from the halfway point that I’ve imposed upon myself. I realize that aiming for 110 years is rather lofty and not just a little presumptuous. But consider the alternative…what?…I’m supposed to start planning my funeral now?? Pa-leeze!! There is still so very much yet to do in my life and so much more to show that special someone lucky enough to be with me.

This year I get to celebrate with the best gift of all…a fresh new start in a fresh new place. Sure I’m still hurting from the divorce, but that’s only natural and getting over it will be just as natural. Not as easy, I’ll grant you, but that which does not kill us…right? Some are chalking up my divorce and subsequent relocation on something called a “mid-life crisis”…but that isn’t the case, for many reasons. Mostly because I haven’t hit mid-life yet.

Last night Martin, Robert and Brian treated us to a night out in honor of today’s impending birthday.

I need to stop here…before I go on, I’d like to send out a HUGE “Thank You” to Michael for honoring me with the first celebratory Margarita of the evening. It was tasty, very needed and it helped to make the gift from Martin and Robert a bit easier to swallow. (so to speak) Thank you so much, Michael. I owe you one.

Anyway, Martin & Robert presented me with a gift bag (complete with picture of cocktail AND the parasol umbrella in it) that contained some of the sweetest things I could ever expect from them.

1) The Book – “The Guide To Anal Sex”

2) A deck of playing cards that, dare I say, are a game of strip poker in themselves…YOWZA!!!

3) Some candies in the shape of Pee-Pee’s…I’ll have to suck one of each to see what flavors they are…I’ll get back with you on that one.

4) There were also a bunch of lewd cards of some kind showing womens’ cooters and taters.

A gift that keeps on giving. Thank you both, Bitches.

About the time I ran through the goodies in the bag, I also ran out of Margarita, which is when Brian bought me the nelliest looking strawberry daiquiri I’ve ever seen. So naturally I squealed with glee when this little yummy was placed in front of me.

So it was a great night at Bobby Salazar’s…as is every Wednesday out with the Mo’s. Thanks to everyone who I met and made sure I had a fantastic time…it REALLY couldn’t have come at a better time, trust me.

Now, that was last night. The night before my birthday. So far all I’ve done today is work, answer emails and texts from EVERYONE (who matters) wishing me a happy 5oth…bunch of smart-asses!!!

As for personal plans to mark this festive day/night? Probably watch a little TV and then go to bed by 10. Sounds pretty boring to some, I know. But then, consider my age.

If I have to blow out any candles on any cake, my teeth could fly out and smack someone in the forehead.

Oh, and in answer to so many of your questions, (what do I want for my birthday…other than Clint),

I Can Relate.

I already have it. And I ain’t never giving it back.


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It’s Not Really Giving In

Posted by Seth on September 3, 2008

I’m a big fan of Hillary Clinton. I really wanted her to win the nomination. Not because she’s a woman and not because she’s married to Bill. I wanted her to be the candidate because of her merits, credentials, and her “go getter” attitude towards fixing this mess of a country. She is a great person, politician, and one of the greatest women in our history. It’s really unfortunate she’s not our candidate.


Obama, I like him. I don’t hold anything against him, other than the fact that I believe he should have chose Hillary as his running mate. I think that was stupid on his part. I bitch and complain about him all the time. I firmly believe that he was the media darling. That is the only reason why he is in the position he’s in now. Many say it’s because he’s African American. I don’t believe that. There have been a few other African Americans who were more qualified than him, and they lost out. When you break it down, all Obama’s team did was find the best marketing strategy, “Change”.

With the way the economy is going, “Change” is something his team knew people would respond to. Not experience and not diplomacy, just a good marketing strategy. Again, I like him. I just don’t think he’s ready.

So, I came to a conclusion. If we Hillary people were going to put our full trust in her as our president, than why shouldn’t we trust her to make the right decision by endorsing Obama? If we truely have faith in her to make the right decisions for this country, than we should trust her jugement on him. I don’t like it, I don’t want to vote for him, but we’re backed into a corner. It’s either Obama or McCain. Do we really want four more years of Bush? We all know that is what the case would be too.

Not just McCain, but this Palin lady? Who the fuck is she?! Did he just throw a dart at a map and it just happened to land on the biggest igloo in Alaska? I mean come on! THE only reason why McCain picked her, is to win over votes from people who want a WOMAN in office. Not an experienced diplomat. Now who is turning it into a gender issue?

McCain Palin

I don’t give a shit if you’re a man or a woman. I don’t care if you’re black, white, purple, yellow, or green with orange stripes. It doesn’t matter. McCain is OBVIOUSLY pandoring! Anyone can see that!

And another thing. Something that pisses me off is people voting for Obama because he’s black. It’s rediculous. The color of his skin does not determin how good or bad he will be. It’s pathetic. Same goes with Palin. People are dumb enough to vote for her JUST because she’s a woman. On top of that, there are idiots who are going to vote for her because she’s pretty. I only say this because I know people who are voting for one or the other based on these “credentials”. When are we going to learn?

Anyway, there was a point I was trying to make before I went off track. If we were going to listen to Hillary as our president, than we should still listen to her and trust her when she says to vote for Obama. If nothing else, but because she is encouraging us to.

Endorsing Obama

Endorsing Obama


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Divorce – The Gift That Keeps On Taking

Posted by Daniel on September 2, 2008

Note: I was torn between the above title or calling it, “Cause That’s The Way Things Happen On The Bi-Polar Express”. Either way they both seem to apply.

So it’s come to this…

I’ve been so excited lately now that the Dems have picked their pony and he’s picked his running mate that I was all perked up to write a long-awaited political piece. I realize that it’s been almost a year since I last wrote anything political (and so many of you relished in reminding me of that), however I was just so over done with the primaries and worn out from all the talking heads and their inane drivel…I just didn’t want to ad one more story to the muck.

Well, it looks like you guys will have to wait a bit longer for that political satire, as I’ve come smack up against a bit of an online tug-o-war with my ex and his sister.

So please excuse the following rant but I feel the need to vent and where better than my new (get that Ex’s Sister?…my new and oh-so-user-friendly!!) blog?

See, since my obviously overdue divorce, things have been rather tepid between the ex and I. We still care(d) for one another and want(ed) only the best for each other. Hell, as has been pointed out in so many other posts since the divorce, the very reason for the split was because we wanted to salvage a friendship rather than to lose that as well.

There have been some awkward lapses in communication since we split up, mostly due to the distance between us now and also because we’ve both been so busy trying to make fresh starts. But for the most part, we’ve been able to manage as best we could.

That is, however, until someone closest to him decided to continue her medications-induced meddling and urge to stir up trouble and drama.

Now before I go on, I want to point out that this is in no way an online war. I was roped into one of those before and I learned that there are never any winners and it only makes those involved look like losers. Instead of being a war ON the internet, this is a war ABOUT the internet. So I feel justified in brandishing my standard and charging forward into the fray.

Next time, I go to a TRAINED professional.

Next time I

Late in 2006 my ex’s sister and I were discussing my at-that-time-blog and the need to make some changes to it. At the time, she was going to school to learn web design and before she graduated she needed to complete a web-design project. This worked out well, as she offered her services (free of charge…remember that, Ex’s Sister?…free of charge – YOUR WORDS) to build me a new site from which to spout my thoughts. The domain name was registered and by May of 2007, we launched the version of the blog she created. All I had to do was pay for the annual renewal of the domain name. Actually, she paid for this at first (which I thought was cool of her) but then it was only practical that my ex (who, at that time, was involved with the sight) and I pay for that annual renewal ourselves.

So that’s what we did, until this past Christmas, when my ex decided he really didn’t have time to write on the blog anymore. So I was to pay for it myself. Fair enough. That Christmas, we all did the family thing at her house and I gave her a check for the 2008 renewal. There were witnesses and I have the canceled check.

Mind you, during that last year, she and I had some functionality issues with the site that apparently couldn’t be worked out. This caused her to have issues with me (I suppose she thought I was being too picky, in which case, she would be right) and she rarely, if ever, uttered a word to me since mid 2007. She did, however, accept my check for the renewal without a qualm.

We always just made the check out to her because she had other dealings with the host site. No biggie, either way it was taken care of.

Unfortunately, it was, indeed, a very-biggie. Because since she stopped talking to me, she has been itching for some kind of fight. And she chose to start one last night…(probably still mad because someone dropped a house on her sister)…


No warning. No explanation. No nothing!!

Now she decides to inform us (the quotes are from exchanges made today between her and Seth) (the red marks are my reactions)

“Sorry to inform that the blog in question was being hosted on my website (lie #1 – it was hosted on GoDaddy), I also own the domain name (lie #2 – I was paying for it). The writer of said blog (me) owes a considerable amount of money (lie #3 – if this was the case, why was there NEVER a bill??) as you are well aware (lie #4 – she never made mention of this EVER until today) – when such restitution is made in full (a/k/a when HELL freezes over)– the files will be returned to him (isn’t this theft of intellectual property??). The blog was only taken down when my brother notified me that Daniel had missed the truck payment and Toyota called him – then he (Steve) had to make it (I never asked him to do that…never).

Have either of you priced web services (you mean by a REAL professional??)? Daniel never paid a cent for the design (lie #5 – refer back to the paragraph about Christmas last year) and development of that site – so yes I have every right (lie #6 – show me a bill, unpaid invoice, SOMETHING!!) to do with it as I see fit (I’d love to make a suggestion). If you want to buy the website and domain name from me, I’m certain we can agree on a figure satisfactory to all parties.” (how ’bout nothing, is nothing satisfactory enough for you?)

Contrary to the fact that we were paying for that domain name, she’s suddenly become so bitter and drama-thirsty that she’s developed amnesia and VERY passive aggressive.

So I told her that I was sick of her drama-lust and to just keep the domain name, as I’d already set up this blog and imported all the data from the old one to here. Sometimes it’s just not worth the headache…though I’d STILL love to see ANY evidence of ANY unpaid invoice or workorder. It was a good thing Michael had me do so as I’d have lost everything otherwise.

The good news is, if it weren’t for the fact that Michael was having a hard time adding the disputed blog to his as a contributor, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to starting a long-overdue revamped blog in time before the bipolar express came and derailed me.

The bad news is that 99% of the images that were imported from the old site (for each post) were also deleted. I still have them on my PC and it will take some work to get them all back in place, but it will be worth every minute just to be rid of the nightmare sister of the ex.

In all fairness, she decided to pick this fight because she NOW thinks I was cheating on my ex. This was never the case. Never, ever EVER!! I can be a lot of things, but I’m not wired to cheat on anyone. I don’t even like porn, for crissakes!!! Call me a bitch…say I have attitude…accuse me of showing a lack of tact in the most inopportune moments…You’d be right on all counts. But she really struck a nerve with that one, and it was made more hurtful when the ex bought into it. All because I wrote a story on how my friend threw up on me and I decided to write the piece in a satirical way to make it more funny.

As if being thrown up on isn’t hilarious on it’s own merits, right?

Then she decided to throw even more shit into the fan…

“Wow Daniel must be way more STUPID than I thought if he put up with being treated like shit for 7 years and delusional too to write blog after blog about how happy he was. Who took care of him when he was sick and couldn’t work – it wasn’t Afflack. Don’t give me bullshit about issues – marriage means taking good and bad, better or worse, it’s good for you to know how Daniel handles being unhappy in a relationship – committment only means until it doesn’t work for him- hope you have a plan B. Ever think maybe he’s just a mooch like you and took all the “abuse” for a meal ticket hmmmm? and lied about it to everyone?”

“I’m just going based on what you said in these emails about their relationship. You are the one who said he was abused. All I know is that everything was fine “according to Daniel” until you came along. Hmmm now he was being “abused’ in their relationship? Either he was lying then or he’s lying now. Can’t have it both ways. Oh but you are a liar too so I probably shouldn’t believe anything you say.”

For the record, I never claimed to have been “abused”, and since she’s playing spokes-whatever for the ex, I’ll also say (for the record and for all the world to see) that I have a health condition. It’s called HIV. It comes with oodles of fucked up shit that we have to deal with on a daily basis. But I carried on…I worked…I made it take a backseat to my life. And I warned the ex about this on our third date, and told him if it’s ever going to be a problem for him, that this was his chance to say so. He, instead, said it was NOT a problem. Funny thing is that over the next seven years, if and when I felt bad or sick, his FIRST reaction was ALWAYS, “Oh, it’s always something with you.” or “You’re always sick.

But even then I wasn’t accusing him of abusing me. Believe me when I say, we both did enough (by way of our oh-so-different personalities) damage to the relationship. I never claimed “everything was fine”…I always said we were trying to make things work. Hear that Ex’s Sister? WE tried…not just him.

So anyways, the ex’s sister decided to yank my website off the internet because she wants to defend her brother from what is essentially shit she’s making up and flames she’s fanning.

Oh, and little miss professional wasn’t finished there. Here’s her response (quoted word for word) to my request for her to return control of my website/blog back to me…

“fuck off – you’re lucky it doesn’t splash what I really think of you – you lousy cheating bastard. Go play on “The Fresno Version” with your little slut boy.”

Pretty classy, huh?

“You better remember that before you do ‘whatever it takes’ to get it back. Don’t piss me off anymore than I already am because I will take legal action for libel if one word appears about me or Steve in “The Fresno Version” or on your Myspace page. Both will be deleted if you violate the TOS and I file a complaint. Don’t push or I will push back.”


Disclaimer: I never once mentioned Ex’s Sisters’ name in this post…and the only one who mentioned the other name was her. Okay, I mentioned Michael, too, but he is part of “The Fresno Version” and he’s a friend. It’s called Freedom of Speech, and I exercise that right. The contents herein are my opinion and the truth as I see it. This post was written in self-defense as a result of an insane woman’s rantings. Any similarities between persons alive, dead or otherwise considered insane are purely coincidental. No animals were harmed in the making of this post. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


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