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Make A Wish…Blow It Out

Posted by Daniel on September 4, 2008

You wanna know the best thing about birthdays after you’ve passed the 40-year mark?

Me too.

I Can Relate.

Today I hit the 45-year mark. Which is still ten years away from the halfway point that I’ve imposed upon myself. I realize that aiming for 110 years is rather lofty and not just a little presumptuous. But consider the alternative…what?…I’m supposed to start planning my funeral now?? Pa-leeze!! There is still so very much yet to do in my life and so much more to show that special someone lucky enough to be with me.

This year I get to celebrate with the best gift of all…a fresh new start in a fresh new place. Sure I’m still hurting from the divorce, but that’s only natural and getting over it will be just as natural. Not as easy, I’ll grant you, but that which does not kill us…right? Some are chalking up my divorce and subsequent relocation on something called a “mid-life crisis”…but that isn’t the case, for many reasons. Mostly because I haven’t hit mid-life yet.

Last night Martin, Robert and Brian treated us to a night out in honor of today’s impending birthday.

I need to stop here…before I go on, I’d like to send out a HUGE “Thank You” to Michael for honoring me with the first celebratory Margarita of the evening. It was tasty, very needed and it helped to make the gift from Martin and Robert a bit easier to swallow. (so to speak) Thank you so much, Michael. I owe you one.

Anyway, Martin & Robert presented me with a gift bag (complete with picture of cocktail AND the parasol umbrella in it) that contained some of the sweetest things I could ever expect from them.

1) The Book – “The Guide To Anal Sex”

2) A deck of playing cards that, dare I say, are a game of strip poker in themselves…YOWZA!!!

3) Some candies in the shape of Pee-Pee’s…I’ll have to suck one of each to see what flavors they are…I’ll get back with you on that one.

4) There were also a bunch of lewd cards of some kind showing womens’ cooters and taters.

A gift that keeps on giving. Thank you both, Bitches.

About the time I ran through the goodies in the bag, I also ran out of Margarita, which is when Brian bought me the nelliest looking strawberry daiquiri I’ve ever seen. So naturally I squealed with glee when this little yummy was placed in front of me.

So it was a great night at Bobby Salazar’s…as is every Wednesday out with the Mo’s. Thanks to everyone who I met and made sure I had a fantastic time…it REALLY couldn’t have come at a better time, trust me.

Now, that was last night. The night before my birthday. So far all I’ve done today is work, answer emails and texts from EVERYONE (who matters) wishing me a happy 5oth…bunch of smart-asses!!!

As for personal plans to mark this festive day/night? Probably watch a little TV and then go to bed by 10. Sounds pretty boring to some, I know. But then, consider my age.

If I have to blow out any candles on any cake, my teeth could fly out and smack someone in the forehead.

Oh, and in answer to so many of your questions, (what do I want for my birthday…other than Clint),

I Can Relate.

I already have it. And I ain’t never giving it back.



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