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Saving Change

Posted by Daniel on October 2, 2008

Well, we’ve moved into our new (and temporary) apartment.  By temporary, I mean that we have been allowed to move into an apartment owned by a family friend without a lease until one of his nicer ones opens up in an area closer to mid-town.

Oh, and we got a dog…he’s a Chiuaua/Pomeranian mix…and we have named him “Kitty”.

Sorry this one is so short, but I only have a few minutes today…busy little beaver that I am.  But we will have our internet up soon, so please continue to have patience with us during this upgrade period.

Oh, and as a side note, I just remembered one of the things I hate about apartments…you have to save your quarters so that you can do laundry.  I need to insert a “piggy bank” button on this site…




2 Responses to “Saving Change”

  1. Kirk said

    What? You need to have a slot for people to shove things, slip things….er, insert cash… er, pay you for services rendered? lolol

  2. Scott said

    Leave it to you guys to name a dog, Kitty…what a riot. Congrats on getting moved, hope the new place works out for as long as you need it to. Miss you both!

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