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GOP = God Or Prejudice

Posted by Daniel on October 18, 2008

The latest newsletter by an Inland Republican women’s group depicts Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken, prompting outrage in political circles.

The October newsletter by the Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated says if Obama is elected his image will appear on food stamps — instead of dollar bills like other presidents. The statement is followed by an illustration of “Obama Bucks” — a phony $10 bill featuring Obama’s face on a donkey’s body, labeled “United States Food Stamps.”

The GOP newsletter, which was sent to about 200 members and associates of the group by e-mail and regular mail last week, is drawing harsh criticism from members of the political group, elected leaders, party officials and others as racist. 


The group’s president, Diane Fedele, said she plans to send an apology letter to her members and to apologize at the club’s meeting next week. She said she simply wanted to deride a comment Obama made over the summer about how as an African-American he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

“It was strictly an attempt to point out the outrageousness of his statement. I really don’t want to go into it any further,” Fedele said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I absolutely apologize to anyone who was offended. That clearly wasn’t my attempt.”

Where is the apology to Mr. Obama and his family?  This woman owes them that much. 

Fedele said she got the illustration in a number of chain e-mails and decided to reprint it for her members in the Trumpeter newsletter because she was offended that Obama would draw attention to his own race. She declined to say who sent her the e-mails with the illustration.

She said she doesn’t think in racist terms, pointing out she once supported Republican Alan Keyes, an African-American who previously ran for president.

“I didn’t see it the way that it’s being taken. I never connected,” she said. “It was just food to me. It didn’t mean anything else.”

She said she also wasn’t trying to make a statement linking Obama and food stamps, although her introductory text to the illustration connects the two: “Obama talks about all those presidents that got their names on bills. If elected, what bill would he be on????? Food Stamps, what else!”

Sheila Raines, an African-American member of the club, was the first person to complain to Fedele about the newsletter. Raines, of San Bernardino, said she has worked hard to try to convince other minorities to join the Republican Party and now she feels betrayed.

“This is what keeps African-Americans from joining the Republican Party,” she said. “I’m really hurt. I cried for 45 minutes.”

The Obama campaign declined to comment. It’s the campaign’s policy to not address such attacks, said Gabriel Sanchez, a California spokesman for the campaign.

The newsletter prompted a rebuke from another African-American member of the organization, which is well recognized in the community for its philanthropy and efforts to register and turn out voters in the Rancho Cucamonga and Upland areas.

Acquanetta Warren, a Fontana councilwoman and member of the women’s group, said the item is rude and requires a public apology.

“When I opened that up and saw it, I said, ‘Why did they do this? It doesn’t even reflect our principles and values,’ ” said Warren, who served as a Republican delegate to the national convention in September and is a regional vice chairwoman for the California Republican Party. “I know a lot of the ladies in that club and they’re fantastic. They’re volunteers. They really care — some of them go to my church.”

Warren forwarded an electronic version of the newsletter to the California Republican Party headquarters, where officials also were outraged Wednesday and denounced the illustration.

Hector Barajas, the party’s press secretary, said the party chairman likely will have a conversation with Fedele, and Barajas will attend the statewide California Federation of Republican Women conference this weekend in Los Angeles to handle any news media there to cover the controversy.


4 Responses to “GOP = God Or Prejudice”

  1. […] GOP = God Or Prejudice Warren forwarded an electronic version of the newsletter to the California Republican Party headquarters, where officials also were outraged Wednesday and denounced the illustration. Hector Barajas, the party’s press secretary, … […]

  2. Rebecca said this was in poor taste… I agree.. but come on.. some of the things that I”ve seen done to Sarah Palin are just as bad…. I get so sick and tired of this…. IF Obama loses… and.. unfortunatly.. I dont think he will… who will be rioting in the streets and burning down buildings???? I’ve never considered myself to be a racist…. dont wanna be…. but I”m so sick and tired of hearing the word.. RACIST thrown around when its not true. Seems to be the only thing that the Obama camp can do if something is done they dont like. It would be SO OK to do this if it was Palin or McCain now wouldn’t it… but.. if the tables are turned.. you cry RACISIM…. and Seth.. these are the people who drove you away from the Republican party???? you mean to tell me.. there are NO racisits in the democratic party??????????? How bout that John Murtha????? Did ya listen to his comments about the people in his own state???????????????????????????? Unfortunatly.. what’s good for the goose isnt’ always what’s good for the gander with you guys….. double standard….at least if the Repulican party loses this election.. they wont go burning and rioting in the streets… and McCains “temper”… has NOT shown ….. I wish it would….I’m sick and tired of Obama getting by with the crap he does…. simply because he has mainstream media snowed… along with the rest of the country… if Obama wins…then I can’t wait till the day when I can say.. TOLD YA SOOOOOOO…. I”ll be waiting to do that. How can it be any different making that stupid dollar bill with Obama on it then putting Sarah Palin’s face on the body of a poor pregnant woman??????? and THATS not racist???????????????????? like I said.. DOUBLE STANDARD HERE…..I know I’m beating a dead horse here… but.. I get so mad I have to open my mouth and say something… at least it makes me feel better….and how the heck you turned it around about the interview with James DObson is beyond me…..but.. that’s what you do the best. turn things around to make it look like something different….

  3. Seth said

    We all know what the racist steriotypes are. You have to be either fucking stupid or a fucking cunt to do something like that. It’s pathetic, petty, ignorant people like her that drove me away from the Republican Party!

  4. Kirk said

    I was struck by a line in the above article that said, “I was so upset that I cried for 45 minutes. This is what keeps the african-american from joining the Republican party.”

    After receiving similar smear, incendiary, mean-spirited swipes at Obama in the internet mass emailings, I am convinced some people will stop at nothing to smear, piss off, or offend others into polarization. If they can chase you away by sending out a photo-shopped piece of artwork or play a racist card to sway a voter, have they succeeded if they change your mind? Do you let them influence you with one or two unfeeling emails?

    Isn’t this just a modern day form of what Woodward and Bernstein reported as being termed by Donald Segretti as “Rat Fucking”?

    Think about it.

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