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Transition Constipation

Posted by Daniel on November 17, 2008


I hate writing Monday posts. You’re expected to write about all the fun crap you did over the weekend. This poses an especially difficult challenge for me, as we don’t do an awful lot on weekends these days due to limited everything. Times being as they are.

Honestly, who can afford anything these days? And if you can, congrats.

I chose not to do any writing because I’ve been intentionally ignoring most of the post-election punditry because from now until the architect of economic death leaves the White House, my head just doesn’t have any extra room for that stuff.

So what, exactly did we do over the weekend?

Well, Friday Seth wanted wine after a particularly hard work day. So we went to the store to fetch what just as easily could have been a cheap bottle of Chablis. His knowledge of wines is about as limited as Bush’s chances for sainthood. We could have been there for a few minutes, but, know-it-all that I am, I saw an impromptu opportunity to teach the little lamb a thing or two about the intricacies of wines…and which ones to stay away from.

From white to red, dry to sweet, import vs. domestic. And all the while, he really seemed interested, but the look on his face was as glazed as a Thanksgiving ham. I could tell I talked so much that he was now in need of two bottles. So my Fraser impersonation, I allowed him to get a bottle of something that had the word Merlot on the bottle…right under the word Blueberry. Yeah, I know. So as a compromise, I talked him into getting a bottle of Turning Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon. Not exactly top of the line, but definitely a step closer to something made out of actual grapes.

Okay, so that was our Friday night. Don’t envy us.

Saturday we went to the home of a lovely lady we know who owns a very successful and upscale salon/spa. The reason for our visit was that we were asked to help her with a party she is having for 80+ guests next Saturday. Okay, so it’s cater-waitering, but we don’t sneeze at opportunity when it ties our shoes together and trips us. It ought to prove to be an interesting night, to say the least.

Mostly because we will get to meet and rub shoulders with the elite movers and shakers (last year these people were caught dancing on beds in high heels) of Fresno. But also because I will be insisting on tips.

Yesterday (Sunday) we pretty much made the usual rounds. Went to my mom & dads’ for lunch. We do this every Sunday. Seth got to meet another one of my brothers. What an event for him. You know the sibling you just can’t under any circumstances see eye to eye with? That’s John and I. We couldn’t be any more polar opposite if we tried. And Seth got to see that in action. Poor guy.

Then we took the usual leftovers to the home of my oldest brother and his wife. He’s just recovering from some major surgery, so he was in need of a care package of good Italian cooking. He also needed his yards mowed, and I was all-too-happy to volunteer Seth for the job. He did such a great job and Theresa and I helped as best we could…by sitting on the patio smoking and drinking while supervising.

So there it is…our glamorous fun-filled weekend. Now for another week of getting ready to repeat the process.

Have a great week, everyone.


One Response to “Transition Constipation”

  1. TC said

    Sounds like fun. How is Seth after a bottle of wine? Does he make any more sense?

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