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Black Friday – Aptly Named

Posted by Daniel on November 28, 2008


I have never gone shopping on what is called “Black Friday”, or the day after Thanksgiving.

For one, I hate the crowds.  Secondly, I know that the so-called “reduced” or “prices slashed” or whatever gimmick they use are a bunch of B.S.  We all know that the stores jack up the prices and THEN “reduce” them.  So you’re actually not getting a deal, but instead are paying slightly more (in many cases).

Then this morning I read on the news wire yet another reason to avoid shopping today.  A WalMart employee died three minutes after opening the doors to the drooling masses.  He, along with four other people, was trampled by a stampede of shoppers.  The other four employees are recovering but the fifth one suffered a heart attack after being knocked down to the floor, stomped, crushed and trampled.

Is this really where we are as a people?  Have we, as a species, truly come to the point of resembling herds of wildebeast trying to cross the crocodile-infested rivers in Africa?  Doesn’t matter who gets trampled and killed, so long as we get the last Barbie Doll?

Seth just left for work (his job is at one of the malls here) and I told him to be careful today.  Granted, the opening rush has already occurred, but you never know just how desperate these people will be if it means an extra 10% off a nosehair trimmer.

Be careful out there, shoppers.


3 Responses to “Black Friday – Aptly Named”

  1. Kirk G said

    Uh, dude, he just referenced it in the article. Didn’t you read it all the way through???

  2. CB said

    Did you hear about the dude who was trampled by thousands of shoppers? His family is having a Happy Holiday season…

  3. Wulfgar said

    Sad, ain’t it?
    Common sense is out the door for dollar and cents.

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