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Oh, To Be There

Posted by Daniel on January 2, 2009

I was thinking about the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama.

What it would be like to attend such an historic event.

I’d give anything to be there two weeks from Tuesday.  But then, knowing myself the way I do, I’d want to be in two separate places at once.

Of course I would want to be on the mall close enough to witness the swearing in of a new President – like I was when Bill Clinton took the oath in 1993…fantastic seats (it’s good to have well-connected friends) – as stated, the historic backdrop would be well worth the January chill in the air.  Oh, to hear Maya Angelou recite again.

But there’s another place I’d love to have a front row seat…the South Lawn at the White House.  At the exact time of the inauguration.

See, right at the time the newly-elected President is being sworn in, the out-going President’s staff is packing up his belongings and he is saying his last goodbyes to staff and residence.

After the past eight long years, it would be nice to be able to watch G.W. board Marine One for that last ride to that last ride on Airforce One that will take him, Laura and those two vicious dogs of theirs off to the EX-Western White House in Crawford, Texas.

I didn’t have this desire to be bi-located when the first Bush left office.  Sure, his wsn’t what you’d call a stellar Presidency (though he was infinately more suited for the job and Presidential than his son), however, at that time I was less involved in the political process than I am today and therefore starstruck by the Clinton mystique.

Short-lived as that turned out to be.  (NAFTA, DADT, MONICA, etc.)

Now, I can’t speak for Obama’s mental or emotional condition, nor his political professionalism (having never met or spoken to the man personally), but I doubt I’d be very far off the mark when I predict his reaction after taking his first step into the White House AS president.  Doubtless it will be the same for him as for all of his predecessors…

Complete and utter awe.  A heavy cloak of humility will wash over him.

I would imagine that is about the closest feeling you could get to American Nirvana.

Sadly, and as is always the case, no incoming President gets more than a few minutes to savor that feeling of Political Xanadu.  Especially this new President.  He has to hit the Oval Office rug running, as it were.  Because the state of this Union – ney, the World – is dismal and he will spend every waking hour trying to halt an ever-speeding global downward spiral.

It’s not as though he has very big shoes to fill (sorry George, I know that’s a touchy subject), unless failure on a global scale is a station Barack has always aspired to.  No, Obama just needs a political broom and mop the size of Oakland, because it’s going to take some great big bucket of bleach to clean up and sanitize everything the out-going administration soiled along the way for the past eight years.

Still, I wish I could be there to see both the inauguration and the Bush exodus happen.


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