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A Chilly Reminder

Posted by Daniel on January 16, 2009

About eight months ago, I made the monumentally scary decision to uproot my thirty-some-odd year life in the midwest and relocate to sunny California.

It was time for a change (some would call it a mid-life crisis…and they would be wrong).  I’ve mentioned my recent divorce as one of the factors; my family living here in CA being another.

There are many things and many people I miss from there.  I think about them all quite often.  Not a day goes by that something here doesn’t remind me of someone there.

But there’s also something about the mid-west that I don’t miss…

…the weather.

I was watching the news early this morning and one big headline (other than the Senate confirmation hearings…which I find myself mysteriously glued to more than the OJ trial) is about the frigid arctic blast that’s swooping down from the north and settling on my old stomping grounds.

It was -44 degrees in North Dakota…and that wasn’t even factoring in the wind chill.

Well, not to rub it in the noses of those folks back East, I am loving the fact that we are not there now.  About the worst I’ve seen it here (cold wise) is the dew that collects on the palm trees and drips down.


Can’t wait for Spring.


2 Responses to “A Chilly Reminder”

  1. Kirk G said

    As a person responsible for the weather, I can assure you that we are all tired of the sub freezing turn in the weather here, thank you.

    PS: We’ll all be coming to visit you as soon as your temperatures are above 70 and the highways and railways thaw out enough to get us there….

  2. CB said

    Rub it in, Daniel…

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