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When I Get Bored…I Think…

Posted by Seth on January 26, 2009

As I sit here, watching a movie, eating Jack In The Box for the third time in two days, not working the fourth day straight, hung over, thinking about when I’m going to start my New Years resolution of working out while simultaneously watching someone else work out on Youtube, I can’t help but think about weird, strange, and funny sex fetishes.

I have compiled a list of what I find to be weird, funny, and/or strange.

Penis Mutilation! Yes…I even found a video! It literally made me dizzy watching. Enter if you dare!

Smashing rotten eggs in someones armpits.

Vomiting on an Asian girl.

Foot fetishes.

Fat girl fetish.

Woman covered in blood fetish.

Eating poop fetish.

There’s the ever popular farting on cakes fetish.

Tubgirl fetish.

Plushie fetish.
Sasha the Plushie Slut

Food fetish.

“All Natural” woman fetish.

Tight jeans fetish.

Hairy Man fetish.

Piercing fetish.

Shower fetish.

Dendrophelia…having sex with plants.

Britney Spears fetish.

Animal sex.

Sex in public.

Anal sex.

Pirate fetish.

Hurting women fetish.

And last but not least…lesbian abuse porn!
Cunt Punt


One Response to “When I Get Bored…I Think…”

  1. CB said

    Jeeze, Seth… you must be really, really horny to have compiled a list that long…. That first one isn’t anything… it’s just people getting off on mugging as if they are seeing something gross, right? Reaction, that’s all. You don’t have the real link!?

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