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Disturbing Resemblance

Posted by Seth on January 31, 2009

Does everyone remember this guy/girl?
Chris Crocker

I, for some reason, felt like a glutton for punishment. But I needed a good laugh. A friend of mine told me to look up a certain drag queen, and this he/she came up in one of the searches. So, I watched some of his/her videos. All I can say is WOW! I now know what it’s like to watch someone lose their mind!

As I was watching one of his/her videos, I ran across one. Watch this and think REALLY HARD of what it reminds you of.

Here are the vids…

Now…what does this remind you of? Scroll down…

Keep scrolling….

If Britney Spears comes up missing…I think we all know where the first place authorities will be looking…


Someone PLEASE shoot he/she before it ruins the name of gays everywhere!


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