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Creature Comforts

Posted by Daniel on March 11, 2009

In preparation for the impending visit by two of our friends from West Virginia, we have been scrambling to bring the apartment into some semblance of “hominess”.

Part of this visitation angst has been out of month’s-long search for a decent sofa and/or love seat. Another part of it is because Kitty needs a new place to play/annoy/sleep/annoy/jump/annoy…

Up to now we have been using a daybed (a recent purchase for the spare room) as our interim “sofa”.  This has been a very uncomfortable place to sit and watch TV.  It’s solid and a very nice peice, but as with any object made of wrought iron, it’s creaky and awkward.  And no matter HOW many pillows we bought for it to make it a bit more usable, we finally had to give up on it.

Yesterday, Seth went out in search of – and found – the perfect sized sofa and love seat.

Would you believe it the first time we have relaxed on a sofa in almost a year?

Sure, we’ve sat on a few at friends’ houses, but not where we could actually lounge like sloths watching TV.

You would have thought we’d never seen furniture before.

Anyway, take a look at what we got…

Mooooving Day With Seth

Okay, so that wasn’t it (but it was cute…in a trashy way, no?

Here is our sofa…

Marshmellow Ass

AS IF!!!

Like we’d ever have a sofa that looked like ass-pimples!!!

Ok, here is our REAL one…

and a matching loveseat


One Response to “Creature Comforts”

  1. CB said

    But more importantly, does it make noise when you’re ‘moving around’ on it? Can people in the next room hear what you’re doing?

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