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Steady As we Go

Posted by Daniel on March 12, 2009

Yeah, it's like that.

It’s been on my mind a lot the fact that we made our move here to California ten months ago.  Almost a year has gone by and some days it feels like it’s been much longer…other times I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast.

Considering all that has transpired since our move, and all those we miss that we left behind, it’s no wonder we tend to catch ourselves saying, “I miss our cats.” or “I miss so-and-so.”

Now we are in high gear getting ready for a week-long visit from Mary & Nicki (from West Virginia).  Now that we finally got a sofa and love seat, Seth is spending his time trying to make it all pretty for them.

While we are both looking forward to this visit greatly, Seth is more on the “pins-and-needles” side of it, as these are people he grew up with who have never been to the west coast.  Hell, Mary has never even flown before!!!

I have the benefit of being at work every day except Sunday, so I have far less time to stress on the planning.  After all, he’s going to have far more time with them (while I’m at work each day), so the burden of entertainment is on him.  For my part, I’m treating them to a trip to either San Francisco or L.A. over the weekend.  I was going to be a smart ass and take them up to the cold snowy mountains, but I figure they’ve had enough of that where they are coming from.

We’ll see how all of that goes…because I’m going to MAKE Seth post on here during that week.

This whole thing also makes me look forward to June, as I believe that to be the normal month each year our friend Scott comes to CA for an annual car show.  I hope that happens again this year.  Do you hear that Scott??  And there won’t be some cheap-asses motel involved this time!!!  YEAH!!!!!!

I suppose all that’s left to do until the girls’ arrival on Monday is just keep sprucing up the pad and try not to stress out about how to keep them entertained.

Shit, you’d think we were playing host to someone important…LOL.  As it is, the entertainment part should be easy, as all we ever seem to do with them is torture and torment them.


4 Responses to “Steady As we Go”

  1. K G said

    Yeah, CB… is Sex ALL you think about?
    They didn’t say it was a love seat, now…

  2. Daniel said

    You know, it REALLY isn’t always about sex here. Does EVERY comment have to be about that?? This is just a post about a sofa…sheesh!!!

  3. CB said

    Make sure you wipe off that couch so that it isn’t sticky when your guests are there!

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