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Stop Feeding The Monkeys

Posted by Daniel on March 17, 2009

Just when I think I don’t have any more political shit to make fun of, Laura Ingram opens her big fat mouth! I think it’s hilarious that the RNC is having such a bruised ego fest, that they have to one up each other on blasting whoever speaks out about how poorly some of it’s members carry themselves.

The fact that Megan McCain even had the balls (so to speak) to go on the Rachel Maddow show is pretty damned awesome. The fact that she also had the chutzpah to call Anne Coulter “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time” in an article for the Daily Beast AND she’s McCain’s daughter is compelling evidence to me that there is a bright side to the Republican party.
-despite their recent foibles. Especially when the woman knows no reason at all!

-but why this?

Frankly, I would respect more of the RNC if it were less extreme. Shit! I’d think that people would be more happy if the women who represented the RNC were less f-‘ing BULLDOG and more “respectable lady”. Hell, wouldn’t that demeanor be more freakin’ Christian and CONSERVATIVE!?

I understand that Megan’s comments about the ladies of the RNC could be construed as personal attacks, but come on. Hitting the muffin top is like hitting below the belt when Laura Ingram responds by making fun of Megan McCain’s weight.

The sad thing is that it’s upsetting, but not surprising.

You can’t taunt an attack dog an expect to not get bit!


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