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D.A.D.T. Revisited

Posted by Daniel on March 18, 2009


The latest word out about “Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell” is that many currently serving in the military are still of the mindset that gays serving in the military are too busy playing “pecker checker” and plotting their next “Crisco Party” to actually do their jobs.  Despite logical arguments to the contrary, they are still being taught that gays would spend all their time making passes at their fellow soldiers.

Again, the evidence proves otherwise.

But I found this little tidbit and thought it worthy of note:

(keep in mind, these statistics refer to the STRAIGHT persons serving in  the military!!!)

Reports of sexual assault in the entire military rose 9 percent over the previous year’s reporting, according to an annual Pentagon study on sexual assault reporting, released Tuesday.

The study also showed a 17 percent increase from the previous year in sexual assault reporting among U.S. troops in current combat zones.

The study, “Report on Sexual Assault in the Military,” examined trends in the 12-month period of fiscal year 2008 and said there were 2,908 reports of sexual assaults among U.S. troops.

In fiscal year 2007, 2,688 sexual assaults were reported.

Pentagon officials attributed the increase to improved reporting methods and their belief that military personnel are less fearful of backlash from commanders and peers after reporting an assault.

The report defines sexual assault as unwanted touching, from groping to rape. The statistics are not comparable to the general U.S. population because the information gathered is different from civilian data, according to Pentagon officials.

Officials said the data are based on sexual assault reporting of military-on-military cases, civilian-on-military and military-on-civilian attacks.

Pentagon officials said that even though there have been improvements that allow military personnel to report cases, they estimate that only between 10 and 20 percent of people who were sexually assaulted report the crime.


So with sexual assault/harassment in the military on the rise (so to speak) and involving STRAIGHT military personnel, how does this not screw up the military morals and unit cohesion?  Or is it just plain okie-dokie for straight guys & gals to rape each other?

Seems to me that the military is scared of the wrong people.


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