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I’m A Chameleon

Posted by Daniel on March 24, 2009


So I’ve made some changes in my personality of late that, under normal circumstances, would act on me in a way similar to acid being poured over my skin.

Mostly out of necessity brought on by an ever-teetering economy.

See, I took a job recently that has proven to be, at best, the most stressful nightmare imaginable.  I repeat…at best.  And because of an uncertain economy causing other job opportunities to be on the “slim-to-none” side, I have to continue to endure this nightmare.  At least for the immediate future.

Let me explain…

The job I currently have is as a Property Manager/Supervisor for a total of 192 units.  (104 here where I live, and a total of 88 on three other properties)  My job requires me to live on-site (apartment is included), as well as to oversee the other properties’ on-site managers.

Having never actually done this type of work before (I was hired originally for my accounting experience), I’ve had to learn a lot about the rental property business, as well as Section 8 (we have a bout 50% Section 8 tenants), and all the stuff that goes along with this type of work.

From rent collection, serving notices/evictions, maintenance issues, tenant relations, etc.  It was a lot to learn in a very short time.  But I’ve gotten rather good at it and even garnered the respect of the tenants and other managers…all the while being stern and forceful when it comes down to necessity.

Now here’s the rub…

The man I work for is probably the most haenous person on the planet as far as employers go.

Or more to the point, he SO doesn’t have the mentality for this type of business!!!

And I know my story will sound very similar to many others as far as mean bosses go…but this is my site and my story, so save it.  🙂

My boss is a screamer.  By that I do not mean he yells a lot, or gets/stays cranky.  No, this guy actually screams at the top of his lungs at me…and it’s NEVER about anything that even remotely has anything to do with me or my job.  It’s usually about something he screwed up on or forgot to do.  And when he screws up, he immediately comes into my office and starts ripping me a new one…mostly about why I (underline that) need to remind him about his personal obligations!!!  (most of the time, he has too many personal “ventures” going on – none of which I am even remotely involved in or obligated to keep up with – at any given time, and when he screws someone over, and then he’s caught, and he get’s into trouble, I get the shit that hits the fan)

But it’s not just a scream-out I get from him…no…he insults me and/or my intelligence, he shows utter disrespect for me, he cusses me out, calls me names, etc.

Oh, and before I give you the wrong impression, it isn’t just me he does this to.  He also does this to all of his other employees.  Everyone here seems to do a great job, with little-to-no mistakes.  But he still loves to lord over people and his form of “logic” tells him that constantly belittling people shows them that he is their “boss and owner” (his words).

And here’s the worst of it…he also does this to his tenants.  No shit.  Even though they pay their rent on time, follow all the rules and are good people, this man has no problem going up to them and cussing them out for no reason other than he might not like their kid.  He cusses them out if they have a friend or family member stay overnight (he’s done this to me as well when our friends Mary & Nicki recently visited from West Virginia).  He even yells at me to evict them for having company, calling it “TOO MUCH TRAFFIC”.  He doesn’t allow the kids to play ANYWHERE in this large complex…even though there is a playground here (which he keeps fenced in and locked up and only has for the sake of “advertisement”).  The same goes for the pool here…it’s here, he pays to keep it sparkling and nice looking…but no one is allowed to swim in it.

Oh, lol, and here’s one you’ll REALLY love…he’s evicting a family here because they have a dog…a seeing eye dog…for their blind daughter…and they have the papers/documents for it.  Ordinarily he’d do this anyway, but he’s actually retaliating against them because they turned him in for tapping into their PG&E to power his outside flood lights, which are supposed to be on their on breaker, paid for BY HIM.

So waddaya think?  He’s an absolute angel, right?

Now for the question I know you’re all asking me…”Why work for someone like that if it’s all that terrible?”

I’ll tell you why…because finding other work right now is next to – if not completely – impossible.  It took me 5 1/2 months just to land THIS job…and I don’t see a flood of alternatives out there.

And so, despite the toll it’s been taking on my health due to the mounting stress, I have to take this shit.  For now.

Besides, I’m sure there are others out there who have (or have had) experiences similar to mine, and that you might have some advice on how to handle a person like this…legally (after all, I do have certain morals I try to live by).

For now though, I’ll just kill him with kindness…



One Response to “I’m A Chameleon”

  1. Kirk said

    Thanks for sharing. I feel for you.

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