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Barely A Peep From Easter

Posted by Daniel on April 13, 2009

PhotobucketOkay, so another holiday has come and gone.  And we barley noticed it’s passing.

Easter isn’t one of those holidays that I actually celebrate – well, not in the usual sense, anyway – as I am not a religious person.  As a matter of fact, there are many who would look at how I “celebrate” Easter as being weird, but also somewhat sacrilegious.

Hey, it’s what you make of it, right?

Every year since I met my friends Ray and Scott, it has been my adopted tradition to watch “The Exorcist”.  Not that pussy of a remake…no, the original sphincter tightening version.  That’s a little treat that Ray turned me on to and we watch it for the laughs.

Last year, I made Seth watch it with me, again for the laughs, and then we made a diorama if peeps butchering a marshmallow bunny.  Blood and all.  And who can get through an Easter weekend without catching at least ONE showing of “The Ten Commandments”?  My favorite part is when Moses’ Egyptian mother Bithiah (played by Nina Foch) bangs on a gong, throws the gong hammer and yells, “Fetch my chariot!  I’m going to Goshen!!”  Which is something I would always repeat when someone told me I was needed elsewhere.

This year, however, was a bit different.

Since I only have Sunday’s off each week, we got up a bit late yesterday.  During our coffee time, Seth reminded me that I needed to call my mom.  We usually go over to see her and the family most Sunday’s, and then bring food to my brother who doesn’t so much go there…ever.

Mr Nibbles

So I call Mom, who suddenly breaks into her Catholic gig, “Why do you never call your mother??”  Yikes!!  This is going to take some serious sucking up.  Which means paying her a visit (no matter that I was dead tired from the work week…duty calls), and a subsequent stop for a dozen of the most beautiful roses.  Not red…but amber with burnt sienna ends.  Which almost killed my niece, but that’s another story.

We went over there for Easter lunch and laughs (Thanks Shannon) and then left to do some shopping.

Easter Pole Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

When we got home, there were no peeps.  Oh, we HAD Peeps-A-Plenty a couple of weeks ago, but they were long since scarfed down.  And of course, we put a couple into the microwave just to see what happens.

As a side note, if you ever nuke a Peep, do it on a paper plate because what is left after cooling is an immovable and disgusting stain of burnt sugar…with two pathetic little eyes still staring up at you from the carnage.

Anyway, we decided by then that e were still feeling a bit lazy and wanted to do nothing more for the day except be lazy sloths.  You know, watch movies and eat.  Trouble is that the TV that we inherited from my brother had the shittiest picture (either too dark or too light, depending on what you tried to watch) and it was unable to adjust correctly.

So…I figured it was about time we went and got one that we could actually watch without going cross-eyed.

Within one hour, I had gone online, priced and cross-priced many different models, found the one we liked in our price range, gone and bought it, brought it home and set it up.

Then we watched “Milk”.

The end of this post really doesn’t tie the rest of the story together, I know.  But this was pretty much our way of answering the oft-asked question, “How was your Easter?”

Hope yours was all you hoped it would be.



2 Responses to “Barely A Peep From Easter”

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  2. K G said

    Your photos are to die for!

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