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A Perfect Earth Day

Posted by Daniel on April 20, 2009

Happy Earth Day
You’re perfect. But you could improve.

Paradoxical? Strange? True? Yes, yes and more yes.

In this moment, you are exactly as you need to be. Because, in this moment, the universe is exactly as it needs to be. That includes the butterflies, the daisies and the hope and the joy. But it also includes the hate, the violence and the death and destruction.

I live in California. My boyfriend lives with me. When we’re together, we often take each other for granted. When we’re apart, we’re able to gain a more complete perspective – and, once we reunite, we have a renewed appreciation and understanding. In the same way, hate can reaffirm the importance of love, violence can reaffirm the necessity of peace and death and destruction can teach us valuable lessons about living to the fullest.

I believe that the challenges of humanity can evolve the collective consciousness of mankind.

This world is perfect in the sense that this moment – like all moments – is exactly as it needs to be. But we can certainly improve upon our future moments by working to create a more loving and peaceful planet.

And, of course, you are also perfect. You are exactly as you need to be, right now. But there’s certainly room to grow even more love in your heart and to cultivate the radiant spirit that shines through you like 10,000 suns.

Shine, baby, shine.


One Response to “A Perfect Earth Day”

  1. Mush said

    Beautiful piece!
    Surely, everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be.
    But if it is to be, it is up to me 🙂

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