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My Intensions Were Purely Accidental

Posted by Daniel on April 29, 2009

The following will, I’m sure, illicit some very snarky comments…but hey, I can take it.

Yesterday, Seth and I were doing what we always do…goofing around.  This during my lunch break.  Well, I sort of gave him a boo boo.

Now, before I go into detail, keep in mind we always play like dumb-asses and act like we’re going to throw something at each other.  Kinda like a toddler will be laughing at you for playing Peek-A-Boo, and just when the kid seems to be at his/her most precious, during all the joyous giggly laughing and jiggling, the kid grabs a nearby heavy object and whacks you in the face with it.  All the while still laughing joyously.

That’s kinda how we play.  Granted we never actually hit one another with anything, but it’s always funny to see the others reaction based on what object we grab from a table.

Anyways, we are yucking it up yesterday and, during our giddy stupidity, I grabbed a lighter off the counter and “acted” like I was going to throw it at him…

…you know…just for laughs!!!

Well, much to BOTH our surprise, where I thought I was going to throw it down on the floor (you know, comically), it actually flew out of my hand, across the room, bounced OFF the (overly cushy, in my opinion) sofa back and beaned him right on the forehead.

It even made a little “snap” sound when it made contact.


You can imagine BOTH our surprise.

(well, mostly his)

I immediately ran over to him and apologized and checked for bleeding or bruising.  (it’d be my luck he’d press charges…just for even MORE laughs!!!)

As a side note…it proved me wrong about his being so young that he still has soft spots on his skull.

Luckily, it was just the faintest of little red marks.  However I did notice for the next ten minutes there was a slight whelt as well.

As is usually the case when we go a little too far, we milk it for all it’s worth.  Seth spent the rest of the afternoon sniffling and dodging me as though I were going to take a whack at him.

Honestly, the little fucker…I mean darling…even tried walking with a limp!!!

I was shocked when I got home from work later and he WASN’T wearing a cast on his leg and a neck brace sitting in a wheel chair with an I.V. drip and heart monitor.

Yeah…that’s how much we love playing it up.  It’s called laughter…give it a try.

This is how things work around us.  I now no longer care WHO thinks we weren’t made for one another…not a day goes by that doesn’t include laughter.  Not one.

Granted the circumstances are, at times, a tad on the oddball side…but isn’t that one of the things you look for in life?  I know we do.

It just goes to show that even little accidents…(and Seth now agrees that it WAS an accident…DON’T YOU, SETH?!?!?!?!)…can make life a little more interesting.

Of course there is still that bit about how we tend to stretch out the “drama-dy”.  Seth is still beating that dead horse.

Horse Beating Dead


4 Responses to “My Intensions Were Purely Accidental”

  1. Kirk said

    Sounds like classic spousal abuse to me… and desperately trying to cook up a cover story to excuse it all. Seth, go to the battered spouse center and tell them EVERYTHING. It’s your only hope to get away from this batterer. You DON”T have to stay with him…. it’s NOT your fault… unless you stay… then it is… again.

    • Daniel said

      Yeah…you go to the Edna Gladney Center for Battered Women. Yeah
      right. I can just hear him in front of his case worker, “But Bebe, I
      caint leave heuumm!! Ahh Luv Heuumm!!” Yeah, you just stick to the
      story or you’ll get ANOTHER pair of Irish Sunglasses!!! :p

  2. Seth said

    It’s still sore you bitch!!! I think I’m going to have to go get more gauze. I went through a whole box yesterday and had to break out the Maxi pads!

    • Daniel said

      Awww…You’re just mad because you INSISTED on a CAT scan and they found NOTHING on or IN your head but sponge cake. 🙂

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