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Summer Test Drive

Posted by Daniel on May 16, 2009


So it’s going to be hot today.


One hundred degrees hot.

Sounds bad, until you factor in the veritable lack of humidity.  Then it’s not terribly bad.  Still hot, mind you…but bearable.

This is the kind of weather I like to drive up into the hills and go hiking.  There’s an especially nice area in the lower Sierra’s called Willow Creek that you just have to see to believe.

It’s quite a hike from where you have to park, but when you reach the very large creek and feel hear that rushing water, mixed with the staggering beauty of the surroundings, you then know peace.

Funny thing about that particular creek…

Last year we all went up there and while it was hot down in the valley where we live, it seemed a bit hotter up there.  So we naturally wanted to get into the creek and sunbathe a bit.  Then we started to notice something odd about the water.  What looked at first glance like regular algae on the rocks just under the rushing water turned out to be, at closer inspection, LEECHES!!!


Millions of tiny baby leeches!!!!


Apparently that sort of “thing” happens occasionally up there.

Anyway, instead of being able to do some fun hiking either up in the mountains or at the lake today, I have to work.  And I am not pleased.

Some might say that I should appreciate being inside with the A/C blowing my nipples off, but I would much rather be outside on a day like this.


Seth says I love the heat so much because I’m one of Satan’s minions.  Which may or may not be true.  After all, I also enjoy seeing annoying people trip and fall.  Don’t hate me…but you have to find a smile in every situation.  Right?

Okay, so I’m stuck inside working on a great day to be outside.

Lemons-to-lemonade, right?

I hear tomorrow is going to be over 105 degrees.

Here come the hiking boots and leeches!!!

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One Response to “Summer Test Drive”

  1. K G said

    Wait…I’ve seen this movie…”Stand By Me”, right? That’s the one where he faints when he finds the giant leech sucking on his…

    Right? Right???

    Don’t do it, buddy.
    I know how refreshing those cool mountain stream dips can be, but you don’t want one sucking there….

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