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GOP Distraction Sidestep

Posted by Daniel on May 18, 2009


Ain’t it cute how Republicans like to wave something shiny in front of your face to distract you from the shit they smear on your walls every day?

They had eight years to fill your heads with lies and scare tactics…and for many of you, it worked.

Everything they did from 2000 on has been to serve one purpose only…to create and maintain a theocratic GOP monarchy.

“You’re either with us or you’re against us.”

The same words were used against another nation by it’s supposed leaders back in 1933.


This, however, hasn’t sat very well with the free-thinkers in this country, and as a result, the GOP has since been essentially voted out into obscurity and obsolescence.  And it’s about time, too.

All the lies they told you (again, I keep saying “you” because I never once bought into their lies or threats) about how everything they were doing during Bush’s eight year reign was for your own good and the people’s safety.  Well, at least the safety of the people THEY liked and could either scare easily and/or bilk for every Patriotic dollar they could get their slimy deregulating hands on.

Yeah America, you bought into their lies.  You were so afraid of being called un-patriotic by their Gestapo-like propaganda spewers that you bent right over and took it like the good old God fearing everybody-else-hating Americans you are.


And just look at what your heroes have left us…

  1. Wars
  2. A Tanking Economy
  3. Religious Fearmongering
  4. A World In Turmoil
  5. Cats & Dogs Living Together

Not to mention the two biggest terrorists are still alive, unfortunately.  Osama Bin Laden and Dick Cheney.

Speaking of the biggest Dick on the planet, isn’t it cute the way he is staying out there in the friendly “media” sector (FOX Gnu’s) doing interview after interview in an effort to rewrite history and somehow justify all of the treasonous crimes he and everyone else in the Bush kingdom committed?


And what about this over-cooked ham, John Boehner?  One day he is trotting out the GOP’s so-called “Budget” that turns out to be eighteen pages with NOT ONE SINGLE dollar figure.  He might as well have called it the GOP Book of Ass Wiping Material.

John Boehner-Cryin' bitch Pictures, Images and Photos

Now these two losers and other GOP schoolyard crybabies want an apology from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing the CIA of lying to her about an interrogation briefing?

I’ll tell you what…and to be fair…if she is lying about their lying, investigate the shit out of her.  I loathe entirely any deception from ANY politician, Republican or Democrat.

I do, however, have an issue with just who is doing the loudest crying about Pelosi.  And it’s always the same usual suspects (and I mean the word SUSPECTS literally), too.  FOX News and it’s so-called reporting staff.  ALL former Bush administration officials (except, ironically, Bush himself).  the few remaining republican House or Senate members who had to watch their party take such an ass-whooping over the past two elections that all the remaining seat-holders can really do these days is bitch and whine about how unfair things are and rather than learn from their high crimes and mistakes of the past eight years, they choose to blame others and tell you that Nancy Pelosi wants to eat your babies and fuck your American flag-wearing pig.


Get over it, GOP!!!

Whether Pelosi has either a different recollection about those events, or if the Bush Administration THROUGH the CIA lied to the then-out-of-power Democrats (and c’mon, it’s not a stretch of the imagination) about torture techniques, OR if she, herself, is flat out lying…the truth will come out.  It always does.  And if she is actually lying, I will expect her to pay whatever political price congress sees fit.

But the GOP is moralizing about someone lying?!?!  That’s like the Pope taking a shit on the cross and then yelling at you for using yours to clean out your ears.

If it’s one thing I’ve seen and been convinced of it’s that the GOP tends to protest too much.  They are fine so long as everyone on the planet is taking their word as gospel (literally) and bending over for a good ole fashioned GOP Patriotic Grudge Fuckin’.  But prove them wrong and showcase their hypocracies and vote them out of office or talk about them shooting their friends in the face and all of a sudden you’re a pinko-hippie-card-carrying-liberal-commie-sympathizer-natzi-faggot-baby-killin’-tree-huggin’-terrorist.

So there you go, America.  The GOP wailing and flailing as they attempt to point out someone ELSE’S hypocracy.  It’s a bit unsettling to see the last gasps of a dying…anything.  But I think that as history looks back (and by that I mean the REAL history, not the “history” the GOP is trying to recreate) it will seem more like a mercy killing.

After all, the best and only way for a species to evolve and thrive is to allow the weaker versions to die off.


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3 Responses to “GOP Distraction Sidestep”

  1. Kirk G said

    Don’t hold back now Daniel…
    Tell us how you REALLY feel about Republicans…

    • Daniel said

      It’s not that I dislike Republicans…I simply think it’s ironic that they are doing so much catterwalling about Nancy Palosi after all the shit they tried to (and DID) get away with over the past eight years.

      The only Republicans who, in my opinion, stand a chance of NOT losing their relevance are the so-called Moderate Republicans. But they are so afraid of people like Rush Limbaugh and his ilk that they won’t speak up and tell the world that they think their party is still too blind to see that their past errors need not be repeated by holding their tongues.

      Sometimes “Staying The Course” means you drive right over a cliff.

  2. They were falling slowly into obscurity, put could have revived themselves………..and then someone wheeled Cheney out. And quite poetically, he was the shot in the face of the GOP.
    I certainly wont miss them.

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