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What’s So Funny?

Posted by Daniel on May 20, 2009

As I’m sure many of you have noticed (based on the emails I get on the subject), Seth is a bit sparse on the postings of late.

I will occasionally ask him to post about this or that and usually get the same response every time…

He’ll bow his head, purse his lips, get all fake-pouty and say, “I can’t.  I’m not funny like you.”


He’s always so critical of himself in so many ways.  His looks (as if!!), his intelligence (the idiot), his sense of humor (such that it is), his skills (in case he ever finds any), etc.  Honestly, he tends to be so self-deprecating and hyper-critical of himself.

I think he’s retarded.


I try to tell him that he doesn’t have to write something “funny”.  The whole purpose of this blog is to serve as our little personal diary where we write whatever it is that comes into our heads at the time.  Sure, it’s online for all the world to see and critique, but it’s far more creative than throwing some cheesy pics onto your MySpace page.

But he seems to think that if he can’t write anything funny, then what’s the point?

“No one is going to want to read what happened to me at work”, he says.  “Like anybody really gives a shit about my opinion.”

Again, he misses the point.

I tell him that it doesn’t have to be this long drawn out story or mini-novel.  Just jot down his thoughts…or whatever happens to pop into that echo chamber he calls a cranium.

On a completely different subject, Seth and I went to see Lewis Black in concert (Let ‘Em Eat Cake) last night.  It was a great show.  Can’t wait to see it out on DVD.  And, while we were waiting for the concert to start, I plunked down $5 into the Star Trek slot machine (did I mention the concert was at Table Mountain Casino?), and won $34.

Oh, and Seth…Just in case you’re still thinking it’s too hard to just jot down random thoughts in diary form…

What the hell do you think you just finished reading???

See, hun…it’s just that simple.

Below are some samples of what I think is funny…other than Seth…




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13 Responses to “What’s So Funny?”

  1. Brian said

    OOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I was going back through some of these articles and ran across this one. Hey Seth……tell everyone about that one time when you….no…don’t write about that here. OH! Tell people about that time when you lost your…….that’s too vulgar. OH! Tell the folks about that one that Daniel and you…….not that one either. That one involved too much velcro to keep control of the story.

    Forget it. Don’t write anything.

    • Daniel said

      Yeah, and then there’s that time when Seth and I were role-playing with some hot thing from Louisville (in our minds) and then we bent him over and…no, I can’t tell about that!!!

  2. Kirk G said

    I’ve been trying to tell him this for YEARS!
    Good point, Daniel!

  3. Seth said

    Now look what you did! You addressed the issue! Now it’s just going to be awkward the next time I write something. People might read it and I don’t like people looking at me. The enigma is, I like being the center of attention once and a while. You see the delima? Sigh….I’ll write something tomorrow.

    • Daniel said

      I know…I know. The pressure is now upon you. As are the hungry eyes of our readers. But hey, that would make an interesting topic for a post, yes?

    • Kirk G said

      Write about American Idol.
      Write about Twitter.
      Talk about your love affair with California.
      Talk about the Terminator.
      How do you feel about Jay Leno coming to prime time and bumping five shows off the schedule.
      What about Conan?
      Jimmy Falin?

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