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The Day That Came And Went

Posted by Daniel on June 5, 2009

I received a few emails today and yesterday pointing out the fact that I had apparently overlooked quite the little milestone.  I must admit, I was first embarrassed when I realized it and then rather puzzled at how I could have missed something so important.

June 1st was the first year anniversary of our having arrived here in sunny, expensive, overcrowded and beautiful California.

You ever get that weird feeling after the passing of a year where part of you thinks it just doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone by…but the other part of you says, “But it seems sooooo much longer.”?  Yeah, we’re kind in that place.

While we still can’t get over the fact that a year has already gone by since last we saw our beloved Kansas City, Missouri, we are hard pressed to try to recall everything that has happened since we arrived here.

The first four months spent living with my brother and his wife (my BFF since before they knew each other).  They really do have our eternal thanks and gratitude…even though we more than made up for their generosity with our unyielding (and unending) humor, which (I’m sure) only served to better their lives immensely.

During those first four months, finding work was about as fruitless as finding tits on a rooster.  Not that I’ve ever tried that…more than once.

Then we landed the golden opportunity (or what appeared to be the case THEN)…a job as Properties Manager/Supervisor for four different apartment complexes.  This job came with a free apartment, free cable and PG&E (gas/electric).  That coupled with the bi-monthly salary seems to have not only brought our heads back above water…but occasionally alienates us from our local friends.  Mostly because I work six days a week and visit my family every Sunday.

Oh we get to do things, to be sure.  Many a day spent out on one lake or another.  Several jaunts down to LA or up to San Fran.  The occasional hike in the mountains.  Not to mention the all-too-frequent trips to what are commonly referred to as “the bars”.  On that last one, I don’t know if it’s my age or just plain burn-out, but I’d rather have my balls pounded flat with a mallet than go to those places.

And lest I forget to mention, there has also been the fact that we miss our friends back East so damn much that it hurts at times.  We talk about them every day, remembering fondly all the good times and game nights and bar-b-ques out on the deck.  I’m sure that our friends here probably get a little sick of hearing about those we miss…and who could blame them?  I mean they have a LOT to live up since they are SO not like those in the East…hehe.

Just kidding.

No, I’m not.

Fortunately we’ve had a few visitors from “home” which helped ease the pangs of nostalgia.  First Scott from Missouri…while we loved seeing him, the visit was all too short…and MUST be repeated soon.  Then there was Mary & Nicki a few months ago.  They were the perfect salve for Seth’s open wound of West Virginia-less-ness.  If you don’t believe it, just visit either of our pages (links located to the right).

Yeah, it still seems a little strange to say that we’ve been here for a year now.  It’s still hard to stop thinking of our stay here as if it was only a visit.  I mean sooner or later you have to decide if, when and where to put down the new roots.

Which reminds me…we’ve really been thinking about this for a while now.  Not to put down Fresno or anything, because it really is a great place to be…if you’re on your way to ANY other place in California.  It’s hot here six months of the year and nary a drop of rain from May through November.  (being lovers of storms, we tend to miss this the most)  While we love it here in CA, we decided that Fresno isn’t our part of our long-term goals for residency.

We are hoping for one of two scenario’s to present themselves:

  • We travel to and fall more in love with another city/town here in CA that seems to be more on the “we’re home” side.


  • We pick one of the two places we already miss terribly and reset roots there.  Either West Virginia or Kansas City or Dallas.  (this will piss off my family but would probably THRILL Seth’s.)

Unless our readers have better suggestions of alternative locales.

Of course, this is all set in the future, though we hope it will not be too distant a future.

I guess it all hinges on this crazy economy and the subsequent job market, not to mention our feelings at the time.

Anyway, it’s been a year.  And what a year it has been…or has it?

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7 Responses to “The Day That Came And Went”

  1. Brian said

    You know, you could try Louisville. I won’t be putting you two up or anything seeing as how I just got my place back to myself. HAHA! BUT…it’s not bad here. There’s ALWAYS apartments and houses for rent and houses for sale. Plus, the stores in Manhattan are closer to Louisville than they are Fresno. 🙂

  2. Kirk said

    Not West Virginia.
    There’s no work here. Either.

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